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This Week in Jobs: 45+ tech job listings from entry level to director

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Some days you’re simply on fire. The creativity is flowing, your tweets are tracking, that cowlick you’ve been desperate to tame is finally in sync with the rest of your hair flow.

Other days, your motivation has wilted like a sweaty weed in the swampy August sun. You’re in a rut. There’s no Folgers in your cup. Is there a best part of waking up?

Yes, everyone. It’s dogs. Duh.

Whoops, we mean jobs! Obviously. We totally know what this newsletter is about.

While 2020 has often felt bleak, hope is in the numbers, people. Opportunity is plentiful in tech land — and we’ve got our most massive list of jobs yet to prove it.

The News

Looking to light up your work life? Literally speaking, of course. Lutron — HQ’d in Coopersburg with an office in Philly (designed to stay perfectly lit all day, naturally) — is known for developing the lighting control systems within monumental buildings such as Lincoln Financial Field, the Comcast Technology Center and the new Four Seasons. Word on the street is, it’s a pretty great place to work — and hey, what do you know, it’s hiring.

After years of scribbling down notes, Promptworks cofounder and COO Jason Garber has finally launched the “pair-fect” book: “Practical Pair Programming.” Pick up a print or digital copy for yourself, or consider hopping on board this custom software company, known for doing its own thing and quite literally writing the book on it.

The Jobs

Giant jenga, free lunch Fridays and top notch ERP software, oh my. Deacom is ready to welcome 12 new employees to its hilly Chesterbrook campus (great for the glutes), so giddy up. Here’s a taste:

Working towards a brighter energy future, Inspire seeks more planet-protecting Avengers to join its team of wind power and smart home tech experts.

Home exteriors don’t remodel themselves, people. But Power Home Remodeling’s proprietary, custom-built collaborative intelligence platform NITRO does — fueled by your futuristic tech minds, obvi. And actual contractors. It’s a whole process. Anyways, get in there.

Building investment opportunities for everyone, Vanguard helps customers affordably save for the future. And these are only half of the jobs up on their board

Security, energy management, asset protection and automation efficiencies … these are a few of STRATIS IoT’s favorite things. When the dog bites, when the bee stings! Sorry, we’ll just list the jobs now.

Dig the rush of risky behavior? Sittin’ pretty as the market leader in enterprise application software, SAP is looking for 10 new hires, including:


The End

We hope this week’s list inspires you to stay motivated during these end-of-summer doldrums. Tech ain’t slowin’ down, baby. As long as there are jobs to post, we will be a’postin’. And we’re glad you’re here along for the ride.

Happy job hunting, friends.


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