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Technically Media announces membership program to support its community journalism

Invest in local journalism by becoming a member of or Generocity.

The Technically Media team at the company's 2016 annual retreat. (Courtesy photo)
Niche news organization Technically Media today released the first phase of a new pilot membership offering for the two community news sites it publishes.

Individual readers of, the company’s flagship network of local tech news sites, and social impact site can support community journalism by becoming a paid member.

“No point in recent memory has made it clearer how vital journalism, particularly local community journalism, is to dynamic and vibrant cities,” said Technically Media Publisher Christopher Wink. “This coincides with a long-overdue conversation about how and who funds that journalism to maintain independence.”

At launch, memberships are $12/month for and $10/month for Generocity and geared toward individuals.

Become a member

Become a Generocity member

Primarily, the ask is to support the valuable, targeted and rare community coverage that the Technically Media newsroom produces. Additionally, members will initially receive early access to events, first-view premium content, be eligible to be included in member spotlight profiles and have unique access to select staff. Further member benefits, including curated newsletters, members-only events and other private, add-on offerings, will potentially be included following member feedback.

Existing reporting and other resources will remain free and public. This is not a paywall.

Technically Media, which is an independent media organization with a staff of 20 that publishes in five U.S. East Coast cities, currently funds its operations primarily with a slate of offerings to help companies hire hard-to-reach technical talent, including events and employment-branding tools, in addition to underwritten reporting projects and other related storytelling and convening services. The company’s clients include Fortune 500 companies and mid-sized startups.

“We can grow and sustain our work with your help,” said Wink.

The timing of this launch stems from a combination of the changing media landscape and outside support. In late 2017, Technically Media received an experimentation grant from the Lenfest Institute to trial a soon-to-be-launched funding pilot involving several Philadelphia newsrooms. More information on that can be found at PH.LY.

“More people than ever before are supporting the online news they want and need,” said Wink. “We all get the media we deserve.”

For a market-specific twist on why membership matters, read on: Here are posts from Philly, Baltimore, Brooklyn, Delaware and Washington, D.C., expanding on the value of becoming a member.

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