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Here’s the data behind the 375+ jobs available at’s hiring fair, NET/WORK 2021

We've got the inside scoop at the open jobs from companies hiring at NET/WORK. Read more to find out starting salaries, number of jobs available, experience across jobs and more.

Hiring companies' starting salaries across all roles at NET/WORK 2021. ( image)
All companies listed are sponsors of NET/WORK 2021. believes in making the process of finding your next opportunity as simple as possible.

Hopefully, you’ve seen our increased focus on content about career growth, such as our This Week in Jobs newsletter, our growing local tech jobs board, or this month’s editorial focus on growth companies. That’s because we think that journalism helps us as an organization be smarter about how we deliver info about things we’re promoting — like by taking a deep dive into the data behind the scenes of our annual tech jobs fair, NET/WORK.

Will there be a job there for you on Thursday, March 18? That data says yes, emphatically.

Each year, we poll our attending companies about the roles they’ll have open at NET/WORK. This year, we heard from 30 of the 44 exhibiting companies. Below is a look at the type of work, experience levels, and salary expectations of the open roles that companies will be promoting at the event.

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Let’s take a look at the jobs data:

Where are your jobs located?

  • Philadelphia — 26 companies
  • Baltimore — 8 companies
  • Washington D.C. — 6 companies
  • Pittsburgh — 5 companies
  • Remote — 16 companies

What are the top categories of jobs that you can find at NET/WORK?

  • Engineering/development — 170+ open positions
  • Operations/product and project management — 52+ open positions
  • UX/design — 45+ open positions
  • Marketing and social — 42+ positions
  • Sales and business development — 22+ open positions
  • Other — 44+ open positions

In the total of surveyed and non-surveyed companies, you can expect to find more than 375 open positions at NET/WORK.

How many positions are you looking to fill right now?

  • 5 companies are hiring for 1-2 positions
  • 8 companies are hiring for 3-5 positions
  • 9 companies are hiring for 6-10 positions
  • 2 companies are hiring for 11-15 positions
  • 1 company is hiring for 16-20 positions
  • 5 companies are hiring for more than 20 positions

What do salaries look like across all roles?

As an optional question, we asked companies to share what their starting salaries were for the positions they have open and heard from 17 of the participating companies. Although it’s not a big sample size, we thought it would be interesting to share what we saw. Keep in mind, a “starting salary” in this case refers to what the salary is for a person that starts in that specific role, whether or not they are entry-level or require more than five years of experience.

What do salaries look like across development and engineering?

On average, how many years of experience are expected for the positions you are looking to fill?

We asked companies to tell us for each role (i.e. engineering or marketing) how many years of experience they’re expecting of their incoming candidates. We then took a weighted average of those answers to give a general range for each area.

Meet the regions most exciting tech companies. RSVP for NET/WORK

Companies that you’ll meet at NET/WORK:

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Meet the regions most exciting tech companies. RSVP for NET/WORK

Companies: LaunchCode / Axios / Fastmail / Kion / PNC Financial Services / Ordway / MindStand Technologies / CareFirst / URBN / The Philadelphia Inquirer / Piano / Penn Interactive / Vanguard / Crossbeam / Pinnacle 21 / The Baltimore City Office of Information & Technology / Tempest / Inspire / STRATIS IoT / The Tactile Group / 14 West / HealthVerity / Think Company / Linode / SmartLogic / Venture for America / Wilco Electronic Systems / Verizon / Oracle / Tech Impact / FreedomPay / Comcast / Chariot Solutions / Azavea /
Projects: NET/WORK

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