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Company leaders: Attend this event to develop a better DEI strategy

As part of the ongoing Most Diverse Tech Hub initiative, is convening experts and biz pros to share actually actionable best practices for building an inclusive culture.

Amber Jones, your workshop facilitator.

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Update: This workshop facilitator's organizational affiliation has been changed. (4/14/22, 10:58 a.m.)

In today’s business world, diversity, equity and inclusion are often treated as buzzwords — topics that are only brought up one month a year and may inspire discussion, but often don’t bring change. We often talk about the importance of DEI, but we don’t get to dive deep into the beneficial impact it can have for companies of all sizes.

As a part of Philly’s Most Diverse Tech Hub initiative, we’ll be tackling just that. Over the next 10 months, will be hosting DEI leaders to share insight and actionable steps on how to build and implement a successful DEI strategy. We’ll cover topics ranging from “Evaluating Job Descriptions For Bias” to “Equitable and Transparent Compensation” — all with the goal of creating a workplace that encourages team members to show up each day as their most authentic self.

Lunch and learn with us virtually this Wednesday, March 30, at 12:30 p.m. EST for our kickoff workshop, “Creating a Culture of Belonging.” Here’s a little more about what we’ll focus on then:

We all know the importance of representation. A fully inclusive organization is one that reflects full participation and mutual power across racial and economic groups and cultural identities. Inclusion doesn’t just happen — it requires intentionality and commitment.

In this kick off to’s Most Diverse Tech Hub series, join Amber Jones, who has led workplace inclusion strategies for tech startups and works in corporate America by day, in this interactive workshop where you’ll learn:

  • How do you develop a strategy for diversity, equity and inclusion?
  • How do you plan and execute cost-effective DEI programming?
  • What does it take to build a culture of belonging and authenticity?
  • What might support look like for your overwhelmed teammates, especially those in marginalized or underrepresented groups?

The Most Diverse Tech Hub Initiative is a program created in partnership with the City Philadelphia’s Department of Commerce. Look out for announcements about future events!


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