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Cybrary is offering 7 free online courses to promote cybersecurity and IT education

This month, the College Park, Maryland-based company is providing the free courses across topics like network security and cloud to support cyber professionals impacted by COVID-19.

Cybrary set up at a conference in February. (Photo via @cybraryIT on Twitter)

College Park, Maryland-based Cybrary is offering seven free online courses in cybersecurity and IT this month.

The five-year-old company manages a IT learning and certification preparation platform to foster cybersecurity career development. Cybrary is providing the free courses to support cyber professionals impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Available course topics range from threat intelligence to cloud, network security and more.

“The long-lasting effects of COVID-19 have been felt across industries and our dedication to supporting professionals impacted during this unprecedented crisis remains unwavering,” said Cybrary cofounder and CEO Ryan Corey in a statement. “Through this free offering, we hope to give back and encourage ongoing cybersecurity and IT training to support people re-entering the workforce, and to help build a more secure digital world by providing learning opportunities available to everyone.”

Here are the seven free courses offered by Cybrary this month:

Course difficulty ranges from beginner to advanced, with runtime spanning from one hour to over nine hours per course. The online classes will be free from now until Aug. 1.

This initiative follows the launch of the Cybrary Scholars Program in April, a program that gives participants a free year of Cybrary’s Insider Pro membership, a year of mentorship with an experienced Cybrary community mentor and a CompTIA exam voucher.

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