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A year of firsts for a Comcast business product manager

For Carly Beaumont, 2020 meant navigating big career and at-home changes.

Carly Beaumont. (Courtesy photo)

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While eight months pregnant with her first child, Carly Beaumont took a leap of faith and embarked on the next step of her career journey at Comcast, with a new role in a different department.

At the time, Beaumont was a product manager for Comcast’s Residential Speeds program. When the opportunity to take on a new role as senior product manager in Comcast Business arose, Carly was at first hesitant about pursuing the change, while also adjusting to motherhood. After meeting with her now manager, Beaumont saw it was the perfect next step for her career journey.

“It was empowering being pursued for a role knowing I was about to go on maternity leave,” Beaumont said. “It really speaks to the testament of the leadership I have on my team that they were taking a shot on me because they thought I was the best person for the job.”

Beaumont started working at Comcast in 2018 and switched to her current role in September 2020. As a Philadelphia local, Beaumont was familiar with the company’s reputability; once at Comcast, she found a supportive network that encouraged her career progression.

Beaumont took advantage of the vast growth opportunities available to employees at Comcast. She participated in internal development programs and leveraged her membership (free to all employees) with WICT, an organization whose mission is to empower women in media, entertainment, and technology, to participate in an upcoming leadership program.

But every day on the job is a professional development opportunity, according to Beaumont.

“I get to see and be involved with the entire lifecycle of a product in my new role,” she said. “I’m learning a lot more about how to build a project strategy from end to end. This is huge for me and my growth in project management in general.”

Learn more about Beaumont’s growth at the company and where she wants her career to go in this Q&A.


What’s your day-to-day like?

I’m responsible for the ins and outs of the Business Internet product — from working on new features to enhancing digital experiences for customers. My job is to be a subject matter expert and to really own all aspects of what we want to do and to communicate that with our internal stakeholders. It’s a lot of touching base with others, strategy and analytics.

Describe how your role evolved at Comcast.

It was a collaborative process. I was already at a managerial level in my previous role, and my manager knew I wanted to progress to senior manager, which is what I am today. It started with having conversations with leadership about my growth and opportunities for advancement.

The value of Comcast’s internal network shone through. We had conversations about what I was interested in learning, my experiences at Comcast, my teamwork skills, and ideas I had for improvement. That collaborative experience was a huge motivation for me to make the move to this new job.

What are you looking forward to at Comcast?

There are so many levels of growth within Comcast, which makes me so excited for the future. I think it would be really interesting to grow into a leadership position that involves more decision making — perhaps for more than one product.

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