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How does AI shape our world? The inaugural DAX Conference will explore

Data Works MD leader Jason Barbour writes about the technologists, thought leaders and questions that will take center stage at the June 4 conference.

A meetup held by Data Works MD. (Courtesy photo)
This is a guest post by Jason Barbour, the head of Data Works MD, ahead of the DAX Conference on June 4.
As the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning grows, consumers and regular citizens alike are becoming increasingly concerned about how data is being collected, used, and stored.

Questions about how AI should be deployed, if we can trust automation and how we can protect personal information are being asked by the leaders developing and deploying these complex systems.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning can help influence decision-making, predict outcomes, and bring forth a more data-driven world. Insight-driven applications can shape vast areas of emerging technology, including augmented and virtual reality, computer vision, blockchain, and the Internet of Things. The impacts on national security, personal productivity, and business are still being explored.

With so much data, automation is necessary, but trusting automation can cross ethical boundaries. How do we trust automation? More importantly, how do we trust implementing the outputs of it? As Laura Congleton of Fearless told me, “Many are leaning into XAI, Trusted AI or Ethical AI as key to the adoption of our work.”

Data governance involves managing the availability, usability, integrity, and security of data. It is a key aspect of any system, as well as critical to ensuring that sensitive data is protected and properly handled. At both the state and local levels, this responsibility falls under the chief data officers, who are responsible for how data is being processed. Both the State of Maryland‘s Patrick McLoughlin and the City of Baltimore‘s Justin Elszasz have been working to create comprehensive data governance plans. They’re excited to share these processes, benefits, and plans to keep Maryland data safe and accessible while keeping our leaders accountable.

These topics are just a few that we will be discussing at the upcoming DAX Conference being held at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County on June 4. Join us for a day of networking, swag and talks featuring experts from the government (including McLoughlin and Elszaz), academia and industry (including Congleton). Representatives from organizations and entities such as DHS’ Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, the University of Maryland, Erias Ventures, ClearEdge, Boeing, CollabraSpace,, Intelliforce, Visionist and Fearless will be present for networking and discussion.

Consider the following sessions:

  • AI can drive data to help influence decision-making and predict outcomes, but where should AI be deployed and to what degree? Keynote speaker Dr. Kirk Borne will address the possibilities of AI when applied to data process flows, thus making them insight-driven.
  • As cyber security attacks increase exponentially across businesses and national infrastructure, compliance is becoming more and more important to gauge and track. Roshan Punnoose and Ope Arowojolu will demonstrate their process, using the latest advancements in Deep Learning NLP, to automate an end-to-end solution for processing and scoring compliance policy documents across different standards.
  • Satellite imagery is being used by data journalists to drive meaningful and impactful investigative reporting on everything from the climate to prison camps. Sean Mussenden will cover several examples of satellite imagery driving reporting — including stories from our backyard, where satellite imagery unveiled urban tree cover data to show how poor Baltimore neighborhoods have less cooling tree cover than wealthier neighborhoods.

In addition to the main presentations, DAX will include options for socializing and networking. Breakfast, lunch, and a cocktail hour are all included in your ticket price. Tickets are on sale now:

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Companies: Fearless / University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) / City of Baltimore
Series: Web3 Month 2022

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