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Technically Philly prides itself on providing the region’s most up-to-date master calendar for all of the area’s user groups.

There are several methods of getting your technology group or meetup regularly featured on Technically Philly:

  • Email us and say hi.
  • Provide us with an iCal feed of your user group so we can automatically import events as you schedule them.
  • Write 200-300 word recaps of your meetup. Please include pictures. Technically Philly reserves the right to withhold publication of any material.
  • Sign up for the Tech Organizer email list and make some friends.

Group organizers can join Technically Philly Groups at:

This meta-user group was organized to lighten the load of running our user groups (by sharing venues and sponsors), to promote the cross-pollination of ideas, and to extend our technical networks in the greater Philadelphia region.

Groups currently tracked by Technically Philly

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