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Jan. 14, 2020 12:57 pm

This Week in Jobs: The rich musk of success

Let’s dance (and get to work).

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Things that make you go hmmm

What’s better than Elon Musk showing off his dance moves on stage in China?

Everything. Literally everything is better than this.

Yet, despite the awkward strip tease that no one asked for, Musk has good reason to boogie: Telsa’s stocks are up 5%.

So this year, let’s make moves like Musk. Not literally of course; that would be embarrassing. But let’s set big goals and celebrate our wins as we go with a socially awkward jig. Let’s push it, go dancing in the streets, get jiggy wit it and do the locomotion until we hit the top.

Then when we get there, we pull out the big guns. In fact, start practicing this choreography now — you never know when your star is going to rise.

The News

Female founder. Shadow economy investor. Real life ray of sunshine. Your fave newsletter writer* had the opportunity to interview the one and only Kesha Cash of Impact America Fund in the newest edition of the “Off the Sidelines” podcast, where we learned about her approach to investing in overlooked corners of the market — and my equally intelligent approach to taking on scary things (*OK, it’s me. I’m the interviewer).


First! See why Lindsey O’Niell gets pumped up to be one of the original members of a startup team, such as at Crossbeam (and see its open job below).

Tech jobs fair extraordinaire NET/WORK is back in Philly at The Fillmore on Tuesday, Feb. 25. Get your tickets here, and make sure you have your resume (and dance moves) ready.

And in case you missed it, find out what Jason Segel was filming in Philly this past year — that is, when he wasn’t posing for romantic wedding photos.

The Jobs

  • Hey-oh! We’re looking for a Business Development Intern to work with Technically Media’s bizdev team out of Philly HQ.
  • Penn Mutual — the financial institution with a no tie, no problem kinda vibe — on the lookout for an Agile Coach.
  • The Philadelphia Inquirer — the iconic Philly news source that’s as familiar and reliable as your blanky, but as hip and tech forward as your vegan leather pants — seeks a Digital Account Executive.
  • If you’re one of the few people who can stomach killing a big fat bug, ad tech startup Vistar Media is hiring QA Engineer.
  • Civtech company Azavea is on the hunt for a Software Engineer. And it’s done work for NASA, so it’ll probably find one real fast.
  • Get a taste for what it was like to work in the Titanic’s Engine Room at — wait, is that right? Oh, nope, this is a company that builds impenetrable software. Kind of the opposite of the Titanic, if you think about it. But don’t think about it, that was a terrible tragedy. Oy … where were we? Right — Project Manager. Engine Room is hiring a Project Manager.
  • Get your career campaign platform ready: The Independent Lodging Congress is hiring a Business Development Associate. This independent hospitality-related events company requires a hustler’s energy and a passion for sales.
  • TrekIt is looking for a Senior Engineer to work on its collaborative healthtech platform (i.e., something that helps docs take better care of patients).
  • Crossbeam — a collaborative data platform that helps companies build more valuable partnerships — is hiring a Growth Marketing Associate who’s keenly interested in startups and wildly skilled in Excel and Google Sheets. We’re talkin’ keyboard shortcuts and highly tuned attention to detail, here.

It’s your job and you’ll go into an office if you want to. Here are some remote opps:

The End

Well, that’s all for now, friends! Like the great Lee Ann Womack sings, we hope you dance.

Thanks for joining us this week and happy job hunting.

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