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Aug. 27, 2019 7:49 am

This Week in Jobs: Don’t labor too hard over this list of great gigs

Long weekend alert.

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Pack it up, folks

OK, everyone. It’s time. Take a few moments to say your goodbyes, and then we’re going to need you to store away your white jeans until next summer.

That’s right. We’re approaching Labor Day, and the unyielding laws of seasonal fashion make exceptions for no one — well, maybe for Insta influencers with their (so far) unstudied superhuman stain resistance.

In honor of Labor Day, remember to give yourself a little credit for all of the hard work you’ve done so far this year. It ain’t easy to build a career you love, take care of yourself and your family, and still find eight hours a day for scrolling social media, but you make it work. And we’re proud of you.

On that note, here’s the latest going on this week in jobs.

The News

Garland Potts is not the name of an exotic floral arrangement, but the woman who bears the name is as equally intriguing. Potts, a digital news developer at The Philadelphia Inquirershared with us her journey from grad school in Spain to technologist at the iconic Philly news source — including where the Inquirer is at in its digital transformation and all of the technical opportunities it has to offer.


Nom, nom, nom. It’s not snack time — it’s nomination time! (hey, that’s us) is looking for nominations for its inaugural ReaLIST Engineers, a curated list of “real” (i.e., serious, committed, influential) software developers, architects and other technologists making a meaningful contribution to our communities. Read more and start nommin’ here.

And a lil’ something for all of you in the life sciences arena. A University of Delaware-led network of higher education and healthcare institutions is on track to receive $23 million in federal and state funding — $18 million from the National Institutes of Health and $5 million in matching funding from the state over the next five years to increase opportunities for multidisciplinary biomedical research in Delaware. Dive into the article to learn more about what orgs will benefit from the funding and then get to workin’ on that resume, slugger.

The Jobs

Let’s start with this menagerie of unique opportunities:

Data people, we’ve got your number:

Onto the project management pros:

Customer whisperers:

And of course, engineers:

Or, go remote:

The End

Keep an eye on your burger and the job openings at the same time this weekend. Access our jobs board 24/7 to stay updated on new positions, day and night.

Happy job hunting, friends.

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