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Jul. 2, 2019 6:50 am

This Week in Jobs: Hot dogs and hot jobs

Baby, you’re a firework.

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“Business is a doggie dog world.” 
— Michael Scott, “The Office”

Loud Noises!

Before you crack open that first brewski and toast to America, remember to nip puppy trauma in the bud by stuffing Sparkles in a trendy orange-and-camo anxiety vest. Solid colors are available for the pattern-averse. Additionally, perhaps you may want to invest in some Mutt Muffs noise blockers in either “Shiny Pink” or “Matte Black.”


Whatever your choice of pup protection, just don’t do it with a disregard for fashion, OK? It’s their holiday, too.

The News

Exyn Technologies just earned itself 16 million big ones in Series A funding. The drone startup uses aerial and ground-based bots to gather data in mines for which maps do not currently exist. It’s also doing a little mining of its own, looking for some talented engineers who speak robot. Beep boop, beep bop.

Greenphire has been lighting a match under clinical trials with its innovative payment solutions software. The company helps clinical trials function more smoothly by automating the payment process so that the companies running trials can stay focused on the science. It also does a pretty stellar job of enabling its employees to carve their own career paths. Read on to learn more, then click here for the goods (aka the jobs).

And last but not least, Macquarie — one of the largest infrastructure asset managers in the world — is “calling out around the world” for technologists craving exposure to new cultures and business experiences. The global company is currently looking for Philly tech talent to help innovate on its technology-fueled financial service offerings.

The Jobs

Do you ever stare at your dog while you’re working at home, burning the midnight oil, and whisper longingly, “I want your life…”?

Maybe a career on this list will cure what ails you!

Data roles comin’ in hot:

You gotta start somewhere!

Engineers with senioritis:

Roll straight outta bed into working one of these remote positions:

The End

Enjoy yourselves this week, friends.*

*Not sure if it was clear, but we were talking to your dogs.

See you next week. Happy Fourth of July!

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