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Jan. 29, 2019 7:24 am

This Week in Jobs: Get “Fyred” up for these bad boys

We’re talking about jobs. Not beach-front cabanas.

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“Doing work and hanging with dogs. That’s my lifestyle.” — Sergeant Amy Santiago, “Brooklyn 99”

Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time

Only once in a great while does an unexpected work of art come along, challenging everything we thought we knew about the world. Something that forces us to look deep within and wonder, “To what lengths would I go to hang out with Instagram models?”

That’s right. We are talking about Hulu and Netflix’s dueling documentaries about the failed Fyre Festival.

These masterpieces have it all. Sweeping shots of fancy yachts on a turquoise sea. A catastrophic web of lies and betrayal. And a selfish schemer, dimwitted enough to film his crimes from start to finish so that we may experience a level of shock and entertainment previously unimaginable.

OK, so watch them quickly and then take a look at our list of this week’s best — and most importantly, legal — local tech jobs. Because putting together a music festival is definitely as hard as Billy McFarlandwho spent some pre-Fyre days in Philly — made it look.


In the news

Subscription-based design company Penji is quickly becoming the coolest kid on the block for Philly’s startup scene. The $369 monthly unlimited design service has got it all, blending an efficient proprietary software platform with friendly customer service and sweet sweet design skills. Check out the range of career opportunities here.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane … wait, it’s 2019, it’s obviously a drone. Asylon, an East Falls startup that works to automate the future of drone technologies, raised $1 million in pre-seed capital this fall, using the funds to scale up operations and add four members to their team by end of year. If you speak robot, keep your eyes peeled for jobs here.

And finally, answering the age-old question, “Hmm, what should I wear to space today?” is Baltimore’s Under Armour, teaming up with Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Galactic to create an exclusive line of space suits for commercial space travel. Seems as cool a time as any to look for a career at Under Armour!

On the jobs board

Philly designers, time to give ‘em the user experience of a lifetime:

Delawareans (if we may call you that), here’s a couple for you:

  • Chatham Financial seeks a Software Developer in Test for an unconventional QA/test role. Oooh, intrigue!
  • Leading provider of business, legal, tax and digital brand services, CSC, is looking to hire a Business Analyst of order management for, and this definitely sounds like a code name situation, Project Everest.

Baltimoreans (now we’re just going with the theme), dev jobs await you:

  • Web and mobile product development consultancy SmartLogic is hiring a Developer who can handle the whole process and wants to be in charge of their destiny!
  • Asymmetrik is looking for a tech-loving Full-Stack Developer tired of refactoring someone else’s code built on ancient technology. The refactoring exhaustion is real.
  • Money Map Press, publishers focused on the global economy and one of The Baltimore Sun’s Top Workplaces, seeks a WordPress Developer.

Also, psst — is hiring a Marketing Manager. We’re fun to hang with, promise.

And have we ever helped you find a job or progress on your career path? As we come up on 10 years of reporting on and convening tech communities, we want to know how we’ve been a part of your career journey. Tell us, won’t you?

Hot Tip!

“In an interview situation, don’t forget to interview the company as well! The best hires are the ones whose career trajectories align well with an opportunity, and the best way to establish this is through a two-way conversation. Make sure to do your research, consider the direction and growth of the company, and come prepared to ask questions. Believe it or not, asking the right question often leaves a better impression than giving the right answer.”  — Nikos Petrides, COO at Perpay

Upcoming IRL career events’s curated tech jobs fair NET/WORK is coming up soon! We build a no-pressure environment where employers and attendees can interact and get to know one another. Pant suits and ties are optional and conversations that dig deep are encouraged:

  • NET/WORK Philly goes down Feb. 26 at the The Fillmore Philadelphia. To RSVP, click here.
  • NET/WORK Baltimore is happening March 14 at Thumel Business Center of the University of Baltimore. To RSVP, click here.
  • NET/WORK Delaware will take place March 20 at CSC. To RSVP, click here.
  • NET/WORK DC will happen on March 27 at Alley powered by Verizon. To RSVP, click here.

The best of the rest

Remember, we’re serving up fresh jobs every single day right here. Feed yourself regularly to maintain strength and energy.

Thanks for joining us this week, folks. Happy job hunting!


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