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Jan. 4, 2019 7:05 am

This Week in Jobs: Jobs for the new year, advice for the old you

Carry that career baggage right into 2019.

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Weekly “Office” quote

“An office is a place to live life to the fullest, to the max. … An office is a place where dreams come true.”
Michael Scott, “The Office

New year, same delightful you

The corks have popped. It’s a new year, folks! That magical time when we gleefully countdown, close our eyes and hope we turn into completely new (better) people at the stroke of midnight. When we vow to be doubly productive at work and to finally get rid of that pile of single socks waiting for a match that will never, ever materialize.

But allow us, if you will, to introduce an alternate approach this year: Don’t hope for a “new you.” Don’t start fresh. Why wipe your slate clean when you could be proud of all those hard-earned chalk marks?

One of the most powerful things you can cultivate over years and years of working your butt off is experience. Experience teaches us to be resilient and resourceful. It’s how we learn to swim after sinking. Or, in an even more compelling example, it’s how little orphan Annie tapped into the street smarts she developed at the school of hard knocks to charm her way into Daddy Warbucks’ house.

So this year, show the world where you’ve been. Proudly flaunt that dry, dust-covered slate!

But then wash your hands. Chalk is really messy.

The news

The McDonald’s Hamburglar may have been a menace, but at least he was easy to spot. Today, tracking financial criminals requires a touch more sophistication — although, sadly, fewer chances to eat hamburgers. Enter QuantaVerse, the creators of an AI-based platform for recognizing risky financial transactions by money launderers to human traffickers. QuantaVerse recently sold a suite of software solutions to help Cali-based, Chinese-American Cathay Bank streamline its anti-money-laundering compliance and financial crime investigations. To be the Liam Neeson of cracking down on financial crime, check out job openings at QuantaVerse’s Wayne office here.


Look alive people, this is not a drill! Tridiuum, makers of a software platform that tracks behavioral health markers just raised a whopping $9.5 million in Series B funding. The Center City-based startup plans to use the funds to scale its platform and, drumroll please, double its size in the next 12 months. Drink in that sweet taste of promise, friends. Then check out Tridiuum’s job scene here.

NET/WORK Philly is back, baby. And it’s gonna be glorious. The sixth annual Super Bowl of job fairs will be taking over The Fillmore Philly on Feb. 26. The last NET/WORK event brought together over 50 tech companies ready to hire, so if you’re on the fence, just jump on over. As always, the event is hoodie-friendly and the La Colombe free of charge. Register here.

The jobs

UX and design pros of Philly, right this way:

  • Fintech startup Perpay seeks a Product Designer to design, implement, analyze, and iterate upon product ideas.
  • Full-service branding agency — and creators of those riveting Eagles hype videos — 160/90 is hiring a Digital Producer.
  • Custom software builder PromptWorks is looking for a UX Designer with experience across everything from user journeys and wireframing, to brand and style guide design.

Philly devs, you’re up:

Movers and shakers of the Mid-Atlantic, check these out:

Hot Tip!

New section alert! Because we know the job hunt can be a grind, “Hot Tip!” will feature advice and how-tos straight from pros at local tech companies.

First up, Liam Munley, talent acquisition lead for Pinnacle 21, shares some advice on how to wow at the resume phase:

“Be specific and explain your piece of the pie. More and more, we’re seeing résumés that say something along the lines of ‘I worked on this application,’ and maybe they added what that application did. To help distinguish yourself from other candidates, explain what YOU did on the project and how it contributed to the project’s success.”

The rest

Thank you for including us in your job hunt this past year, dear friends. We’ve been thrilled to be your guide.

Here’s to a wonderful new year of searching for the career that will make your heart (and your bank account) go “Thump thump thump!”

See you next week! Happy job hunting.

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