This Week in Jobs: A Happy Halloween for Job-Hunting Technologists - Philly


Oct. 26, 2018 9:48 am

This Week in Jobs: A Happy Halloween for Job-Hunting Technologists

Scary movies: We don't like 'em.
We don’t like scary movies and we’re not scared to admit it.

We don't like scary movies and we're not scared to admit it.

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It’s a tense time of year. We, as a society, have never been so divided. It’s come down to two parties: those who live for horror movies, and those who, just as a random example, haven’t been able to fall asleep with the lights off since accidentally watching Child’s Play 20 years ago.

The former actually enjoy the heart-pounding fear of watching a psychopath in a mask stare menacingly into a young woman’s window. The latter — again just as a random example — feel it is grossly irresponsible to play horror movie trailers on regular TV without warning, any time of day or night, for an entire month.

But you know what’s surprisingly scarier than watching murderous toy clowns come to life? Missing out on the career of your dreams. So turn off Huluween for a sec, and read on.

The News

If this newsletter has taught you anything so far — and it very possibly has taught you nothing — we hope it’s that news of companies moving into a bigger space (or raising funding!) immediately makes your ears tingle with what we call “hiringcitement.” Moolah in the coolah + office moves = hiring. Case in point: engineering studio Oat Foundry is about to move into a light-soaked, 5,100-square-foot industrial office space in Bridesburg, Philadelphia. Fueling the expansion is the shop’s app-controlled split-flap signs which have been selling like hot cakes to places like Starbucks and Wrigley Field. The company is looking to hire at least five new employees throughout 2019, so giddy up and reach on out.


Jobseekers and bowling enthusiasts convened last week at Turn5’s Paoli headquarters for this year’s NET/WORK Suburbs event. While we learned a lot about what candidates were looking for from employers, we also couldn’t help but notice the host’s robust lineup of career openings. As a reminder, Turn5 is an ever-growing ecommerce retailer for the car-, truck- and Jeep-obsessed. Not a bad place to get your professional motor running. Or, should you need a boost, hitch a ride on its “Struggle Bus.”

If you’re struggling to find work you love, or any work at all, know that you are not alone. Unemployed QA Engineer Rachel Drane opened up about her frustrations with the job hunt, and offers suggestions for for how it can become a little more humane.

The Jobs

It’s a hiring bonanza at these top Philly tech companies:

And a couple of gems for the marketing folks:

  • Proscia, a digital pathology program perfecting cancer diagnoses, is hiring a Director of Marketing to manage its overall marketing strategy and also advance humankind. You know, just the basics.
  • Moto-loving ecommerce retailer RevZilla seeks an Email Marketing Specialist, or as it so lovingly puts it, “a geek with digital athletic skills.”
  • Digital marketing agency DMi Partners is looking for a resourceful, self-startin’ Manager, Email & CRM.

The Reese’s Pieces

Alright then folks, that’s it for this week. Keep your eyes on the prize daily by checking out new postings as they pop up here.

Also, be safe out there this Halloween and be sure to check all the candy you stole from neighborhood children for any safety hazards. You can’t trust anyone these days.

See you next week!!

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