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Sep. 24, 2018 1:22 pm

Finish that thing you’ve been putting off, and have fun doing it

Indy Hall's Finish Up Weekend is where you finally get. it. done. It's Sept. 28–30 and here's how to attend.
People working at Indy Hall.

People working at Indy Hall.

(Photo courtesy of Sam Abrams Photography)

This is a guest post by Indy Hall founder Alex Hillman.
Almost every person I know has something they want to do. In some cases, they have something they really need to do. And yet, that thing is forever stuck on the to-do list.

Maybe it’s:

  • Designing and writing the copy for a small website or landing page.
  • Researching and mapping out your business plan.
  • Crafting a badass resume to help you get your dream job.
  • Outlining the first draft of a book you’ve been dying to write.
  • Setting up a marketing plan for the next 3–6 months.

The reason it hasn’t happened yet really doesn’t matter. You just haven’t made time for it!

And if I’ve learned anything from my days working at Indy Hall, it’s the value of being surrounded by people. Here are two reasons:

  • The shared momentum of people getting things done is infectious.
  • When you’re stuck — for nearly any reason — you can get a few minutes of help in an instant.

So when Nicole Forrester shared an idea she had for a weekend-long event dedicated to finishing the projects that we’ve been procrastinating on, I was hooked.

So we’re doing it! Say hello to Finish Up Weekend.

The weekend of Sept. 28–30, we’re inviting 30 people to join an event dedicated to setting a deadline and making sure we actually hit it. An event focused on working alongside each other to finally cross that thing off our to-do lists.

We only have a handful of seats left, but we’re offering readers $20 off the ticket price and one member a freebie. Email to be considered. Use the code “technically” for an automatic discount when you register!


Don’t waste time wondering, How do I do this?

Nothing is worse than losing a half day to a silly mistake or confusing problem, so every day of Finish Up Weekend will be “staffed” with mentors from the community. These “finish up coaches” (if you will) will both inspire and support you while you work.

Throughout the weekend you’ll have access to a range of expertise — including business strategy, design, development, copywriting and marketing.

The itinerary. Read to get stuff done? (Courtesy image)

The itinerary. Read to get stuff done? (Courtesy image)

So, if you find yourself writing and rewriting the same sentence over and over, or are stuck with a technical bug, or anything else you’re hung up on, you can just raise your hand and help is on the way.


Our five-minute application form is to help you to think about what you want to finish; it helps us make sure our experts are prepared.

Applications to join the event are still open for a few more days, and don’t forget the that discount code.

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