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Aug. 3, 2018 7:31 am

This Week in Jobs: Technical Roles *Aren’t* Your Only Hope

Let's look to the enduring resilience of Princess Leia for a bit of inspiration.
The one, the only, Carrie Fisher.

The one, the only, Carrie Fisher.


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It was just announced that Carrie Fisher, legendary actress and writer with the best buns in the biz (not that kind, people, come on), will appear posthumously as Princess Leia in Star Wars: Episode IX by way of previously unreleased footage from The Force Awakens.

So, there you have it, geeks. Proof that no creative endeavor is over until you say it’s over! (About that…) There’s always a way to see your vision through until the very end (or, in this case, past the “end”).

On the other hand, it could also be proof that we’re heading in a direction where even death doesn’t preclude us from calling out sick for work. Guess this is what they call a “good news/bad news” situation.

Anyways, onto the jobs! Here’s what we’ve got for you guys this week.

The News

Management consulting firm Navigate upgraded to a new office space on the Main Line double the size of its old headquarters. The new HQ features a snazzy Design Lab — and is hiring some prime roles around design thinking — complete with whiteboards and mobile furniture. If we tell you this excitedly makes us think of The Jetsons, will you think we’re old?

Social media has basically become an unregulated desert teeming with toxic trolls and, admittedly, hilarious memes. But what if you need real connection from a community that understands and cares about your health issues? Philly-based company Health Union unites people who suffer from chronic illnesses through online communities that allow them to share stories and experiences in a safe, supportive social setting. Currently serving 18 chronic illness communities through digital, social and mobile technologies, it most recently launched, with on-deck for 2019. If you want to build communities that help patients live better lives, apply here.


If you’re one of those people who leaves everything to the last minute, here’s some inspiring news. LevelUp, a growth engine for restaurants, applied for Dreamit Ventures’ accelerator program in 2008 — one minute before it stopped accepting applications. Just a few days ago, the company was acquired by Grubhub for a cool $390 million. So the next time people procrastination-shame you, you tell them what you saw here today! Apply for a gig with Dreamit or one of its many startups here.

The Jobs

There’s opportunities a’plenty for devs this week:

  • Deacom wants you to “let your coding skills do the talking” as an Application Developer for its ERP software. Does that mean it doesn’t want you to do any regular talking? That’d be a weird interview.
  • Cloud hosting provider Linode is looking for a Senior Python Software Engineer who’s excited to build public-facing APIs and who gets pumped for a free lunch.
  • Inspire is looking for that special Full-Stack Developer with an entrepreneurial DNA and a passion for clean energy. Are you that special Full-Stack Dev?

Never learned to code? No worries. We’ve got jobs for you, too:

  • Zivtech, a digital agency using “best of breed” OSS, is hiring a Senior UX/UI Designer to grow its design and UX team.
  • Fintech startup Perpay is hiring a Risk and Strategy Analyst who is a critical thinker with a passion for problem-solving.
  • Eeommerce retailer ShopRunner is looking for a Manager of Partner Success to join its “elite team of client-facing problem solvers.” You know, like a SWAT team for shopping.

Some good opps just popped up elsewhere in the Mid-Atlantic. Take a look:

  • The DC Public Library (!) is looking for a Director of Customer Experience to lead staff and create a vision for success. Quietly, we assume.
  • 14 West is hiring a Technical Project Manager/Business Analyst to work at Agora Financial. It has a workplace blog called “West•Word” and if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, we simply don’t know what will.
  • Always talkin’ everyone’s ears off about your favorite podcast? IsItGood — a social discovery platform for podcasts, and recipient of $125,000 in grand prize money from Accelerate Baltimore — is looking for a CTO/Technical Co-Founder/Lead Developer to be it’s first full-time hire.

The Rest

We hope you found something that gets your motor running — say, an amazing job you’ll one day want to call out sick from, but can’t because the memory of Carrie Fisher’s impressive posthumous side hustle guilts you into showing up for work. But seriously, if you’re really sick, stay home. No one wants to catch that crap.

Thanks for joining us! See you next week.

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