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Jan. 30, 2018 9:07 am

Lose any vintage Eagles gear? Here’s where it might be

The Pennsylvania Treasury Department scoured its vault for some dope Eagles posters, cards and ticket stubs. They're trying to find who the stuff belongs to.

This stuff yours?

(Courtesy photo)

Part of the Pennsylvania Treasury’s job is to be the state’s lost and found: it’s where unclaimed items end up.

In a clever PR move, the state agency dug up a number of Philadelphia Eagles items (think vintage posters, Randall Cunningham cards and ticket stubs) in the hopes of reuniting them with their rightful owners ahead of Super Bowl LII.

“This is an exciting time for Philadelphia Eagles fans,” said state treasurer Joe Torsella. “As the team prepares to head to the Super Bowl, see if you or someone in your family is the rightful owner to unclaimed Eagles property.”

Think some of this might be yours? Head to the Treasury’s website and search the agency’s database or call 800-222-2046 to ask for specific items.

In 2017, the Treasury returned $254 million in unclaimed property, a 34 percent increase from 2016.

Check for lost gear
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