At IntegriChain's Philly HQ, employees make a difference in patients' lives - Philly


Jan. 24, 2018 11:15 am

At IntegriChain’s Philly HQ, employees make a difference in patients’ lives

“Understanding the bridge between product and patient — we’re standing right in the middle of it.”
The stocked kitchen at IntegriChain.

The stocked kitchen at IntegriChain.

(Photo by Tony Abraham)

IntegriChain Senior Director of Customer Operations Jaclyn Spicer begins her day with a SEPTA ride into Center City Philadelphia.

Like any good manager, Spicer takes advantage of  that time to field calls and answer emails, making sure that she’s prepared for what that day holds. And at IntegriChain, it could be regular everyday tasks or it could be solving a problem to make sure patients can get their medications.

“The first thing I do [when I arrive at the office] is follow up with my team members to say, ‘Hey guys, how are you doing, how was your night?’” she says. “I think that is one of the positives of this environment. Everyone is just so close.”

From there, she dives into her calendar: meetings, calls and various issues to solve that day. At 5 p.m., she’s back on SEPTA, heading home to her wife and son — able to field calls from Integrichain’s West Coast customers.

We spoke with Spicer about her career journey and some of the perks of the job.


What were you doing before IntegriChain and how did you land here?

I spent the better part of eight years in sales and operations with other organizations. When we moved here, I took a job with a supply chain planning and logistics company in Radnor. It really set me up for this position. It [focused on] the logistics from a business perspective, but also from a personnel perspective — logistical planning not just for things and events, but for people. This fits perfectly with the world IntegriChain lives in.

What stands out to you about the company?

The focus on customer satisfaction is what stands out to me in this regard. It’s something that everyone I encounter here fights for on a regular basis. We stop and say, ‘How will this affect our customer? How will this move impact our client?’ It’s very important to what we do.

Not coming from a pharmaceutical background was a big change for me. I sold bananas for six years with Dole. Prior to that, I was with Citigroup. The role I’m in now fits perfectly with all my experience. But it’s such a different world. When you’re talking about following that pill from manufacturer to patient, that journey is a complex thing.

What have you learned?


While we are working with pharmaceutical companies so they understand where their product is going and how many people it’s touching and where they need to focus, we are also an organization focusing on the patient journey. It’s two different processes for us. We are working with pharmaceutical companies with their drugs, but we’re pivoting to [address that] customer journey, what that patient is going through to get the medication themselves. Understanding the bridge between product and patient — we’re standing right in the middle of it.

How would you describe the team at IntegriChain?

I would describe them as diverse. I would describe them as hardworking. I would describe them as innovative.

They’re looking to be a factor in where this organization goes. There’s never a question about someone coming in and working and putting in additional hours or carrying their fair share. Everyone in here believes in working hard, because I think at the end of the day, they are proud of what they’re doing.

Are there any unexpected perks?

Have you looked out the window? I think the unexpected perk of working here is you’re right in the middle of Philadelphia. There is so much history that’s just a block away. I could say it’s the beer fridge; I could say it’s the stocked kitchen. But to me, it’s the location.

What do you admire about the company or its mission?

It’s not something easily seen or readily revealed to the naked eye. My grandmother passed away from Alzheimer’s three days before I moved to Philadelphia. When her health was declining and we were moving here, I really struggled with that. I’ve always had a little bit of fear about health. And this company gives me the opportunity to feel like I’m giving back, touching someone who has been through something similar. I’m not touching the pill directly, I’m not touching the patient directly, but … it feels like I’m involved.

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