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Jan. 16, 2018 7:42 am

Cool office alert: Turn5’s new HQ has a freakin’ bowling alley

Get an inside look at the company's new 90,000-square-foot offices as it prepares to hire dozens in 2018.

Turn5's new Chester County digs.

(Courtesy photo)

Unless you work around the block from North Bowl, changes are slim of knocking out a few pins during your break.

But inside the new Turn5 headquarters in Paoli, employees of the ecommerce company for car enthusiasts can chuck personalized bowling balls down a two-lane alley. It’s one of several novel perks offered at the new digs, home to some 400 staffers.

Turn5 kicked off the week by inaugurating the 90,000-square-foot Chester County headquarters with a visit from Gov. Tom Wolf (who apparently is big on Jeeps.)

To build the new HQ, the company received  around $600,000 in state grants and credits to stimulate job creation. Over the next three years, Turn5 is slated to hire some 183 staffers, around 50 of them this year. Turn5 itself invested around $8 million in the new site.

“It never felt like Turn5,” cofounder Andrew Voudouris said of the company’s old offices off Phoenixville Pike (and, before that, on Yellow Springs Road). “We’re excited about the new offices because they embody the brand. It was designed for us to be a modern working environment.”

Turn5 runs three websites: American Muscle, Extreme Terrain and American Trucks, each is focused on a specific line of products for vehicle customization.

Here are some pics from the new HQ:

A man chucking a ball down a two-lane bowling alley.

Two-lane bowling alley for break time. (Courtesy photo)

Personalized (!) staff bowling balls.

Personalized (!) staff bowling balls. (Courtesy photo)

A coffee bar inside the company's HQ.

During the morning rush, Turn5 has free barista-made coffee for its staff. (Courtesy photo)

A conference room branded with the letters "202 Route".

An homage to nearby Route 202 in one of the conference rooms. (Courtesy photo)

Office and breakout spaces.

Office and breakout spaces. (Courtesy photo)

A souped up Mustang inside Turn5's studio. (Courtesy photo)

A souped-up Mustang inside Turn5’s studio. (Courtesy photo)


Organizations: Turn5, Inc
  • teego1967

    Although I don’t share Turn5’s enthusiasm for muscle cars and trucks, I must admit that’s a sweet lookin’ bowling alley they built for their employees. The personalized bowling balls is a really nice luxurious touch.

    Turn5 certainly seems to be doing well, kudos to them.

    About that $600000… Can Pennsylvania taxpayers now have that money back? Seriously. When I fork over my money for state taxes, I like to think it is going to things like education, transportation, and you know, the basic responsibilities of state government. It REALLY doesn’t feel right that taxpayer money is going into luxe facilities upgrades for a well-to-do ecommerce company that might maybe hire some people– depending, of course, on how the monster truck market performs.

    I hope that the owners of turn5 think about how they can give back to the Pennsylvania tax payers as they roll their personalized bowling balls down that beautiful alley, or sip lattes in a “breakout space”. Meanwhile, teachers in Philly often have to buy supplies for their classrooms out of their own pockets there’s even a story about that in the newspaper dated January 1 of this year. 600000 could have bought a whole lot of school supplies, though it certainly isn’t as sexy to write about as personalized bowling balls and well-architected office space for e-commerce workers.

    • Sean Dawes

      I think there is a story within here that is overlooked. Turn5 is educating Pennsylvania tax payers who are employed here or interning. It is a melting pot of knowledge that many employees who have left have went on to obtain impressive careers in e-commerce or those who have stayed have gone from entry level to director level earning top salaries in the industry…most of which cannot be attributed to education from the traditional systems. Mostly due to the outdated educational programs that have not caught up.

      Although on the surface I know it may seem like the government wrote a check to help build a bowling alley and hip cafeteria in a large office but its that much more. If you look around in the surrounding area, commercial real estate is dying. Offices are moving away/downsizing, big box retail stores all over are closing locations. Where they are going?…online. Turn5 not only has their office in Malvern but they are operating one of their fulfillment centers right in Malvern.


      Disclosure: College drop out hired by Turn5 years ago who co-founded a multi million dollar e-commerce business


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