Here's what you'll get tonight with the new SEPTA app - Philly


Nov. 15, 2017 12:53 pm

Here’s what you’ll get tonight with the new SEPTA app

At 10 p.m. Wednesday night, update the app and see what SEPTA came up with.

A SEPTA train chugs away from Overbrook Station.

(Video by YouTube user Jarrett Stewart, used under a Creative Commons license)

In its first major update since launching in 2013, tonight SEPTA will roll out a new version of its mobile app, promising users a more customized experience.

At 10 p.m., update your existing app — or download it — to get the latest version of the app for iOS and Android systems.

“The new app was built with customer comments and feedback received in mind,” the transit authority said. “It offers greater ease to check schedules and find service information.”

The key feature in the new app is the Real Time Vehicle Locator which shows the most recent location update for Regional Rail trains, updated every 30 seconds. SEPTA’s also testing the real time updates for buses and trolleys — a feature initially promised for 2016 — and expects to roll that feature on the app once testing concludes.

In the new app, users will find an updated version of the TransitView tracking tool which will give riders “a visual and interactive way to track when your train will arrive,” said SEPTA.

Your move, Douglas Muth.

Organizations: SEPTA
  • Ed Dougherty

    Looking forward to this. In all, though, I have to give the SEPTA Communications team credit for trying to work all the platforms as best they can to get information quickly to the customer on a person-by-person basis. I think the Social team, for instance, does a great and timely job in their responsiveness, and some of the customizable feeds they offer – real time Twitter updates on a train-by-train basis (though, as here, not yet for buses and trolley) – is pretty sharp. My personal favorite is possibly the clunkiest tool in the toolbox, the use of each stop’s unique ID to get SMS updates sent to your phone that tell you the next four scheduled arrivals of your bus, your train, whatever. Not real time, I know, but very helpful nonetheless. Progress, ever forward.

    • Ben Polinsky

      > I think the Social team, for instance, does a great and timely job in their responsiveness

      They really do. I know I’ve frustratingly tweeted to their main account, not even the social one, with complaints at 5:15 because my trolley was late, and they’re very patient and helpful 🙂

      Didn’t know about the SMS updates.

      • Ed Dougherty

        Hey Ben, here is more detail:

        What I do is keep elsewhere on my phone a running list of stops that i frequent so I plug this information ahead of time, as I’m making my way to the stop. Gives you a little bit of a jump.

  • > Your move, Douglas Muth.

    BRB, installing mitmproxy!

  • Noneya1

    Try to view status on their website from a mobile platform. It might as well serve flash content, considering how useful it is for mobile clients. Two years ago one could get data from NJ Transit, and septa is “testing”??? ‘Tards.

  • ambiguator

    Yo, but why is it 300MB though?
    It’s got a bigger footprint than every single other application, including google maps and photos.


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