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Nov. 7, 2017 11:36 am

Pitch to speak at Women in Tech Summit 2018

Drop your name in the hat by next Wednesday to speak at any of the six iterations of the events next year.

At the 2014 Women In Tech Summit.

(Photo by Flickr user Sarah J, used under a Creative Commons license)

The Philly-born Women in Tech Summit will hit six cities in 2018, and the group is looking to fill its speaker line-up with women who are ready to share their expertise with others.

“One of the best ways that women can lift their visibility is to speak,” said organizer Gloria Bell. “Sharing your expertise and experience goes a long way towards the increased visibility that leads to new work responsibilities, promotions or new job opportunities. Apply to speak. Even if you are not chosen, the practice of crafting a speaking proposal is a great exercise in self-promotion and examination of your expertise.”

Bell said speaking opportunities are an opportunity for women and underrepresented groups to put their voice in front of people.

“Not only is speaking up good for an individual woman’s career, it is crucial to the next generation,” said Bell. “Girls and young women, in particular, have to see women who look like them. They have to hear about the career options available to them. They have to see it to be able to imagine it.”

Submit your talk proposals by Nov. 15 by clicking here.

Roberto Torres

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