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Oct. 13, 2017 7:26 am

Philly makes top 3 in ranking of startup cities

Snagging the third spot behind Boston and the Bay Area, Philly jumped five spots from last year. Not too shabby.

Center City at night.

(Photo by Flickr user Michael Righi, under a Creative Commons license)

Trailing behind Boston and the Bay Area, Philly scored the No. 3 spot on a yearly ranking of the country’s 25 top startup cities, climbing up five notches from last year’s report.

The 68-page Innovation That Matters 2017 report, released yesterday, was compiled by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation and D.C.-based incubator 1776. It tracked a “combination of new and updated economic data and an online survey of 413 startup founders and leaders” done by London-based Brunswick Insight.

Startup PHL, ComcastDrexel University and Ben Franklin all get shoutouts in the report.

“This report is a huge vote of confidence for entrepreneurship in Philadelphia,” said Benjamin’s Desk’s Anthony Maher in a press release sent to local outlets. “We’ve worked for years as a community to demonstrate Philadelphia’s innovate spirit and to highlight how entrepreneurs are revitalizing the city and changing the world. Innovation That Matters serves as proof of the fruit of our labors, and we’re incredibly proud to have made so much progress in the last year.”

(Why is Ben’s Desk helping disseminate these results? It might just be another clue in the puzzle of 1776’s relationship with the coworking spot. A source told a merger was in the works, despite no major announcement being made at the 1776 Challenge Cup on Tuesday.)

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One red flag was raised in Philly’s summary, though: connectivity. According to the research, Philly lags behind on this issue, coming in at No. 11 out of the 25 cities.

Earlier this year, another report from the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia said Philly beat New York in job growth for the first time in 25 years, bolstered — at least in part — by a pool of over 100,000 jobs in technology.


  • Small Biz Philly

    Well it’s about time!

  • Joe

    It would be awesome if city council got bit by the startup mentality bug, too. They’re so busy saying no to lots of progress in the city – like bike lanes and traffic safety infrastructure, for a start – that I’m afraid they’re always doing more damage to the city than they need to be doing. When people think of truly successful tech and startup cities like Boston, San Fransisco, or Seattle, they don’t think of horrible city infighting and council people who say no to even trying pilots of good ideas (looking at you, Kenyatta Johnson). You need a progressive, intelligent leadership if you’re going to attract progressive, intelligent people.


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