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Oct. 2, 2017 12:59 pm

Can the top prize at this Delaware coding competition come home to Philly?

OpenBracket is back Oct. 20–22 with a prize pool double that of last year. Philly challengers who missed the qualifying round: here's your shot at the Wilmington face-off.

Winners at last year's OpenBracket.

(Photo by Rana Fayez)

Full disclosure: is among the organizing partners of the OpenBracket coding competition.

At last year’s inaugural OpenBracket — the Wilmington, Del.-based coding competition — a team from MIT scooped up the grand prize of $15,000.

This year, with a prize pool of $100,000, the stakes are higher and the devs are even brighter.

While the qualifying round has come and gone, those with top-level skills can still toss their hat in the ring as walk-on challengers.

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Philly is no stranger to hackathons, where the goal is usually building a workable product during a pizza-fueled weekend (or, more recently, during a more organized monthlong push in the style of Code for Philly). Often, the focus at hackathons are more on collaborative effort, frequently with a social impact slant. Think accessibility, democracy, gender equality, etc.

But OpenBracket, mind you, is strictly a coding competition, where the push is more on technical skill.

The goal for the coding competition — put forth by a collective that includes Zip Code Wilmington, Short Order Production House, First State Innovation and us at — is highlighting Delaware’s steadily growing tech community.


But what if we brought the top prize to the 215? 😉



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