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Sep. 28, 2017 7:33 am

The benefits you need to keep technical talent happy

What drives technologists in Philadelphia? A new survey has some answers.
Job seekers mingle at NET/WORK Philly 2017.

Job seekers mingle at NET/WORK Philly 2017.

(Photo courtesy of Carlye Norton)

This is a guest post by Brittany Pipa Nisenzon, the Philadelphia branch manager for Robert Half Technology.

Philadelphia-based CIOs understand the challenge at-hand: finding, hiring and retaining top tech talent in a tight market is hard. Not only is it hard to find someone who fits and come to terms on a salary, but tech candidates in Philadelphia expect a lot more when fielding offers.

The biggest driver for tech professionals in Philadelphia, aside from salary, was having the ability to grow and learn, according to recent data from Robert Half Technology. What else made the list? CIOs said that Philadelphia-based tech candidates are looking for:

  • Bonus or stock options
  • The opportunity to work on interesting projects
  • Using new or innovative technology
  • Remote work options
  • Vacation time
  • Having a unique office environment or other office perks

If you are a Philadelphia-based CIO looking to hire for a specialized tech position, what does all of this mean?

To put it simply: competition for skilled tech talent is high in today’s employment market. To attract and hire top tech candidates, employers need to understand what tech professionals are looking for in a job and start updating their hiring policies.

Particularly in Philadelphia, candidates in tech space want to be involved in new projects and know that they have room to grow in their careers. If you are hiring in Philadelphia, start by creating a culture of learning at your company. Offer ongoing training and professional development opportunities to help your employees further their careers. Give employees projects they’re enthusiastic about. This lets them know what impact they’re making on the company, customers or clients.

Hiring isn’t easy, particularly in the tech sector. For CIOs who are juggling several different projects and managing staff, it is best to keep in mind the 5 Cs when it comes to offering benefits:

  1. Compensation
  2. Cost of Living
  3. Career Path
  4. Commute
  5. Corporate Culture

All the benefits listed above can also help employers with another challenge: retaining their best performers. When an employee enjoys their work and knows their company is dedicated to helping them grow in their career, they are more likely to stick around.

While these benefits are important, an attractive salary still leads the pack.

Make sure your employees’ salaries are up to par with industry standards — that is the best way to pique their attention. After that, make sure you are considering other benefits. When candidates are weighing multiple offers, these other benefits can be the difference between them having a spot on your team or the competitor down the street.


Click to enlarge. (Courtesy infographic)

Click to enlarge. (Courtesy infographic)

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