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Aug. 17, 2017 10:48 am

35 career-building resources for women in tech

Books, podcasts, websites, events and more: Here's a comprehensive roundup of tools to start bridging the gender gap.

At LadyHacks, Philly's women-only hackathon.

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Bridging the gender gap in technology must start with a level playing field for professional growth.

Our call to Philly’s women in tech to suggest articles yielded a pitch too good to pass up: Why don’t we make a list of resources for women in tech?

We kept it purposefully broad in the interest of packing it tight. We reached out again for your thoughts, women in tech, and you did not disappoint. From local meetups to books, from websites to podcasts and from mentorship programs to nonprofits, this list is chock full of resources that can help make the average startup a more gender–diverse one.

Yes, it’s about professional development to an extent, but it’s also about community building. Our informal community outreach revealed a need among women in tech for more connection, more advice, more access to resources. And fortunately, as our reporting shows, there’s a healthy dose of that in Philly.

Before we get to the goodies, we want to drop some names of people who helped us compile this list. Thank you for pitching in: Lauren Hallden, Zeina Barr, Sharon Hake, Tiffanie Stanard, Maggie Deptola, Amelia Longo, Adriana Vásquez, Melissa Le, Jen Dionisio, Alisha Miranda, Yuval Yarden and Jessica Cornell. Special shoutout to reporter emeritus Juliana Reyes, who looked closely at women in tech during her tenure as Philly lead reporter.

Here’s the list — in no particular order — but feel free to add yours to the comments section below:

Have more suggestions? Tell us in the comments section below:


  • Sharon

    Thanks, Roberto Torres, for sharing such a comprehensive set of resources to support women entrepreneurs. Will share it with the Great Dames Community. http://www.GreatDames.com

    • Roberto Torres Luzardo

      Thanks. Sharon!

  • Thanks for the love! Would love to also add our yearly female entrepreneurship and empowerment-focused conference – FearlessCon (http://FearlessCon.com)! It’s coming up this October for all the fab ladies of Philly. 🙂

    • Roberto Torres Luzardo

      Melissa, be sure to ping me when the time is right to chat about FearlessCon! Thank you.

  • Tracey Welson-Rossman

    I would add Learn to Code with Me. Laurence is always is a straight shooter – https://learntocodewith.me/. There are other online resources around software development if anyone would like me to post.

    • Roberto Torres Luzardo

      This is cool, Tracey. Thank you!

  • S Byrne

    Thanks Roberto, Here is another. They conduct really great events that include networking. http://www.winitleadership.com;

    • Roberto Torres Luzardo

      Thanks for putting this in my radar!

  • Nadya

    Love this list! Would love to add Ladies that UX Philadelphia, our local chapter of the Ladies that UX organization. We focus on promoting and teaching each other and fostering a transparent and welcoming community of women in tech. http://ladiesthatux.com/philadelphia/

    • Roberto Torres Luzardo

      Thanks, Nadya! Keep me posted.

  • niemansj

    Love this article! Bookmarked for future learning 🙂

  • Great article! I learned to code through Girl Develop It! One of the best resources I’ve used in Philly.

  • glasssquid.io

    AI-powered staffing platforms like glasssquid.io (https://glasssquid.io) removes the biases that human interactions tend to make when it comes to the hiring process. Through cognitive algorithms, candidates are matched on their skills and experiences to relevant job opportunities regardless of their age, gender and whatnot.


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