More blockchain talk: What's the deal with Bitcoin? - Philly


Aug. 11, 2017 11:52 am

More blockchain talk: What’s the deal with Bitcoin?

Is BTC going to rocket or plummet? Is it a scam or the economy's savior? Ask an early adopter on Aug. 17.
Buy or sell?

Buy or sell?

(Photo by Flickr user BTC Keychain, used under a Creative Commons license)

As I write this article, Bitcoin enthusiasts around the world are celebrating a milestone for the cryptocurrency: the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index hit the $3,550 mark.

And that’s a lot of moolah if, like Philly-based computer scientist Philipp Knirck, you first bought the blockchain-enabled virtual currency at $16.

On Aug. 17, the Philadelphia Ethereum Blockchain Meetup will let local cryptofolks ask Knirck questions on the currency’s latest happenings. It’s of note that, at least by our count, this is Philly’s first meetup to focus strictly on blockchain topics.

In what promises to be a technically-focused talk, Knirck will speak about a controversial change to the network’s code and the recent Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash split.

P.S. Speaking of meetups: join us and some of Philly’s biggest meetups Monday for Super Meetup 2017 on Monday, Aug. 14.


Phil Knircky: What is Going On with Bitcoin?

Thursday, Aug 17, 2017, 6:45 PM

401 N. Broad Street Philadelphia, PA

40 Members Attending

Join Philipp Knirck (one of our own) for a more technical evening.Phil will review the latest happenings in Bitcoin including how the industry came to a Segwit2X proposal without the support of core and how Bitcoin Cash emerged and led to a recent fork into two separate chains (BTC and BCC/BCH).Philipp Knirck is a computer scientist and has been …

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