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Aug. 4, 2017 12:50 pm

We asked women in tech to help guide our coverage. Here’s what they said

Six suggestions for our August editorial calendar (but we want more).

At a Girl Develop It workshop.

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In honor of our editorial calendar theme for August, Women in Tech, we kicked off our latest Power Moves column with a roundup of hires and promotions.

At the top of the piece, we put out a simple enough call for action: women in tech, tell us what we should write about (and how). Suggestions poured in for possible stories, approaches and angles. To encourage more of that (and also to help this reporter keep track of those pending Asana tasks), we’re sharing a few here.

Jen Dionisio, content strategist at EPAM:

  • I feel like a lot of us get tons of questions and coffee date requests to give advice. Could be a cool idea this month to host a few AMAs with local women technologists on a number of topics (like maybe 2-3 technologists with slightly different perspectives per topic) and recap the responses into blog posts.
  • Would also be really interested in some sort of article about the male perspective on helping with the WIT pipeline and retention. There’s so much out there about what we do for ourselves and each other, but what about our allies? 
  • A lot of companies seem to be developing women’s leadership/support committees. Would love to hear who’s doing that and what lessons they’re learning along the way.

Erin Dunkel, consultant:

  • I’ve been in tech marketing for a decade, and I’d love to see a list of the top 25 (top 50?) tech companies around Philly that have women in their executive ranks. I think it will point out that there are very few (sad) but will provide a great list of companies who DO have women in senior positions to attract other smart women.

Zeina Barr, founder of Raise the Barr:

  • I would like to see a list of resources for women in tech during this month.

Terry Poole:

  • I’d like to hear about the success women are bringing to their companies this month. Give companies an incentive to hire women in Tech. We’re pretty awesome and want to help our companies succeed! Culture is cool, but we aren’t there to make everyone feel good and keep the lunch room clean.

Sounds like we better get to work. Have more thoughts on possible stories or ways we can make this month of coverage more productive? Tell me in the comments below or here: roberto [at] technical [dot] ly


P.S. What a way to kick off Women in Tech month: three days into August, Cloudamize — founded by an immigrant woman, Khushboo Shah — announced it was merging with U.K.-based Cloudreach in a move investors are saying yielded strong outcomes.

  • Kathleen Garvin

    I love Jen’s suggestion about AMAs! I’d like to see a panel of women in tech who changed careers (from previously non-tech positions) discuss their path to their new roles.

  • Kate Krauss

    These are all great ideas. I especially like the idea of listing which companies do well in attracting female leaders, and what they are doing right. Other media outlets should take note!

  • Next time maybe get suggestions from women in engineering and technical roles as well?

    • Roberto Torres Luzardo

      Hey, Pam. That’s excellent feedback. My email is always open for suggestions.

  • Marcie Reilly Egner

    The timing on this article is perfect! Flutter Social launched #therosielist campaign today to identify and support businesses committed to gender equality and we’d love to have a strong Philly tech company presence on the list so it can serve as a resource to other women in tech. Learn more and nominate businesses for The Rosie List at fluttersocial.com/the-rosie-list.

    Plus, take #therosielist pledge on the social media platform of your choice to put your purchasing power behind businesses that shatter the glass ceiling and are closing the gender gap:
    i. POSE. Give us your best Rosie the Riveter power pose.
    ii. PLEDGE. Tell the world why you are taking #TheRosieList pledge.
    iii. PASS IT ON. Tag at least 3 friends or businesses + challenge them to take #TheRosieList pledge.

    (Flutter Social is the social network for weddings. We are a proudly female-owned Philly area startup and are committed to advancing diversity, equality, and inclusion throughout the tech community and wedding industry.)

  • Gabrielle Bianchi

    I am a female college student who is hoping to pursue a path in technology. I would like to learn how current female leaders in tech have practiced disruptive innovation? What advice do these women have for passionate college females hoping to pursue a career in this industry?

  • Renee Wagoner

    I would love to read profiles of women in tech jobs across a broad spectrum of industries like science, legal, architecture, education, and art.


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