Free and open-source software is changing the way we view infrastructure: FOSSCON 2017 - Philly

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Free and open-source software is changing the way we view infrastructure: FOSSCON 2017

The annual conference is back, free and chock-full of interesting sessions on the technologies increasingly shaping our world. It takes place Aug. 26 in University City at the International House of Philadelphia.

Eric S. Raymond speaks at FOSSCON 2015 inside the Philadelphia Friends Center meeting room, Aug. 22, 2015.

(Photo by Christopher Wink)

This is a guest post by FOSSCON organizer Jonathan Simpson.

Free and open-source software is all around us today, becoming part of our lives in ways we might never know. In the early days FOSS was primarily a hobbyist alternative, but today it has become ubiquitous, making its way into our phones, our cars, our schools, government, offices and even home appliances.

This year at FOSSCON we’re seeing a new trend as FOSS explodes into the infrastructure space. While hardware is still largely closed behind the walls of patents and trademarks, virtual infrastructure means we are abstracted from the underlying hardware, and more and more infrastructure is being built on top of flexible, open and scalable FOSS solutions.

You can learn more about the expansion of FOSS in infrastructure and what it means to the world at FOSSCON, Philadelphia’s own Free and Open Source Software Conference. This free all-day event is held annually in Philadelphia, and offers a variety of talks, workshops and other content to let the community explore and learn about Free and Open Source Software. FOSSCON 2017 takes place Saturday, Aug. 26. Registration is quick and easy.


Topics this year include more than just big-business FOSS as an infrastructure solution, with talks on Stargates, Amateur Radio and a dive into the past to talk about punch cards. Attendees can also get help installing Linux on their machines, or learn about some of the other pieces of software they can use on their current computers for free.

In keeping with the “Free” in the name, FOSSCON is also free for everyone. The event is paid for entirely by FOSS-friendly sponsors, donors and attendees who opt to contribute to the event. The FOSSCON team believes it is important that anyone be able to make it to the event, and never wants the price of a ticket to stand in the way of the great experience that is FOSSCON.

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