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Jul. 12, 2017 12:55 pm

Day of action: These Philly orgs are rallying support for #NetNeutrality

DuckDuckGo, Linode and Media Mobilizing Project have joined a national movement against proposed changes to FCC regulations.

Philly We Rise's landing page for Net Neutrality Day of Action.

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Today is the #NetNeutrality day of action, an national activism push to drum up support for net neutrality in the face of possible changes to FCC regulations.

In Philly, companies like DuckDuckGo and Linode joined the likes of Netflix, Dropbox and Amazon in adding a splash page on their site that allows users to write to Congress in support of the Open Internet Rules.

(Our sister site Brooklyn reports that KickStarter and Etsy have also joined the cause.)

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts spoke recently about the company’s stance on Net Neutrality. Today, the company published a blog post in support of Net Neutrality (with one significant caveat).

“Net neutrality is about keeping the backbone of the internet as we know it free of pay-to-play schemes and discrimination,” said Media Mobilizing Project’s Bryan Mercer. “What Trump’s FCC is looking to do will break the net as we know it and could cause chaos for getting online for years to come. If you’re reading this on a computer or smartphone then this action is one you should get involved with because the issue impacts you.”

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