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Jun. 2, 2017 11:01 am

Our 10 favorite complaints from Mike Krupit on Twitter

From youngsters on the train to “the dairy lobby,” the entrepreneur has a few grievances.

Mike Krupit.

(Courtesy photo)

Ya know, it’s such a cathartic moment.

Whenever something peeves you, irks you, rubs you the wrong way, you briskly pull out your phone and draft the tweet. The 140-character bombshell that’s going to make the whole world stop right in its tracks and join you in your disapproval. Ok, maybe not, but at least you get the thought out of your system thanks to Twitter.

And for tech cofounder Mike Krupit, Twitter is the ideal channel for those times when customer service goes to hell in a handbasket. But it’s also a space Krupit uses to air grievances on things like the weather at the shore, public transit or The Dairy Lobby (which is apparently a very real thing).

“I spend far less time on Twitter (and am on Facebook more), usually while commuting (hence the perception of a bias against SEPTA),” Krupit told Technical.ly. “I find that it’s best used for my brain farts, knowing that far fewer people will ever see what I share. Personally and professionally, it lets people get to know me a bit more authentically.”

Krupit, the founder of coaching startup Trajectify, has been candid before on somewhat awkward topics like failure. And since he took this article on good spirits, here’s a roundup of our favorite Twitter complaints by Mike Krupit:

The one with The Dairy Lobby

The one with the loud coworking space

The one with the kids on the train

The one with the SEPTA ticket

The one with the accurate Gotye prediction

The one with the long rental car agreement 

The one with Twitter’s verification process

(Reporter’s note: cosign.)

The one with the vegan tuna (Toona)

The one with the Pokemon Go! servers

The one with Forbes articles

Bonus: while you may think it’s all complaints, Krupit — an ardent vegan — also delights followers with his vegetable intake. Here are some of our faves:

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