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Apr. 21, 2017 7:46 am

Cory Popp did a hyperlapse video of Philly (because of course he did)

“Philadelphia Hyperlapsed” is the latest from the Philly-obsessed videographer.

30th Street Station makes a hyperlapsed cameo.

(Video by Cory Popp)

If you felt this week has just zoomed by, wait until you see Cory Popp’s latest video.

In “Philadelphia Hyperlapsed,” Popp takes a two-minute swing at his usual sweep through our city’s most iconic spots (you got your Schuylkill River Trail, your Philadelphia Art Musem) but this time the videographer took on what he calls a “technically difficult” technique: hyperlapse.

The video combines timelapse footage with camera movement for an eye-dazzling look at Philadelphia. Popp bikes, walks and even cruises through the Ben Franklin bridge in the backseat of a Mini Cooper.

“I used a special 3-axis gimbal camera called the DJI Osmo to keep the movements steady,” the videographer told “This allows me to walk, bike, run while still maintaining relatively smooth movements. Often getting a shot requires a lot of thought a head of time as well as a few rehearsals before you can actually get a good take.”

Right before Popp’s videos on YouTube (several of which have raked in views in the tens of thousands), you can usually see a call to his website, where he offers stock footage of Philly for a licensing fee. Which begs the question: how big is the market for stock footage of Philly?

Popp concedes it’s “super niche,” but says he has a few dozen stock footage customers, including names like ABC Studios, PGW and Penn Medicine.

Anyway, enough chatter. Here’s the vid:

Roberto Torres

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