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Apr. 18, 2017 7:41 am

Catching up with GLOBO: the Montco firm acquired a company, grew to 50 full-timers

By acquiring Houston-based CTI, the company also scored a Mexico office.

At Globo's Fort Washington HQ.

(Courtesy photo)

The latest from GLOBO is not another Inc. 5000 mention: the language services provider bought another company in the translations field called Certified Translators and Interpreters (CTI) based in Houston, Texas, and with a presence in Monterrey, Mexico.

No numbers were disclosed from the transaction, but as part of the deal CTI founder Mark Rockford joined GLOBO as VP of Strategic Services. GLOBO’s CEO and founder Gene Schriver praised the exec’s work.

“You want a guy like Mark Rockford on your team,” said Schriver. “He’s respected by his peers in the industry, by his team of professional linguists, and by the healthcare administrators that work with CTI every day.”

The move puts the staff count at GLOBO at 50 full-timers, up from 30 last summer. CTI staff will remain in their Texas stronghold and CTI’s face-to-face interpreter management application will be brought aboard GLOBO.

Roberto Torres

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