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Mar. 24, 2017 11:57 am

On the Market: 17 companies hunting for talent in Philly right now

Plus one former Tonic Design exec looking for his next move.

Jon Gosier at the TEDGlobal 2014 conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

(Photo by Flickr user TED Conference, used under a Creative Commons license)

Investor Jon Gosier’s new thing is called Southbox: a startup incubator enclaved in South Philly.

“It’s basically the evolution of my own activity as an investor through Cross Valley Capital,” said Gosier of the project, which he prefers to call a “startup studio.” The space rallies together six startups in a 1,200-square-foot space, all of which have received investments from Gosier in the $10,000 to $50,000 range.

Gosier said CVC is still something he’s working on, but he wanted to pursue investing more actively under this model, which tackles some of the startup woes he’s seen companies grapple with in the past.

“Startups share a common need of finding talent, being able to afford rent, having access to clients,” said Gosier. “Every startup I’ve seen shares those same troubles and my thesis as an investor was, ‘Why don’t I centralize that and distribute the cost across multiple companies?’ The ultimate mission is to reduce the waste in startup investing.”

And as the project starts taking shape, Gosier is hiring a community evangelist to not only get the word out about the incubator but also look for new deals.


Though this column usually tracks open job opportunities, we also want it to be a place to highlight Philadelphians who are also in the market for a job. This time, it’s a former Tonic Design exec. 

Though many folks from the aftermath of Tonic’s layoff round last fall went on to find jobs elsewhere, James English — former Director of Resource Management at the Callowhill firm — hasn’t yet found the right match.

“My exit was amicable,” said English. “I am still in regular contact with most of the remaining management team, as well as the remaining principals. All have been supportive and helpful in my search for employment.”


Catherine Enck, former Director of Internal Operations at Tonic, sang his praises. “He was hands down everyone’s favorite person to work with at Tonic and overall an unbelievably funny, intelligent and adaptable guy,” said Enck.

English told us: “Since the separation event, I have been busying myself with contract and volunteer work as I look for something more permanent. While I am comfortable working in a solitary environment, I much prefer working as part of a bright, creative and talented team.”

Here’s English’s LinkedIn profile if you want to connect.


ArcWeb Technologies doubled office space earlier in the month: the Old City design firm took up the other half of the floor they occupied at at 234 Market Street. So naturally, they’re going to need some people to fill the new seats. Go work for CEO Chris Cera if you’re a software architect, software engineer or designer. Here are the listings.


A new startup that’s on our radar — Canary Compliance — is hiring a client success lead. Here’s why we think the gas station compliance startup is exciting (because yes, we know that gas station compliance does not sound exciting).


Here are some more jobs from our (if we do say so ourselves) habitually bangin’ jobs board.

Jobs Board
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  • Mike Krupit

    We often talk about how salary transparency creates a more equitable work environment, but I notice none of these position descriptions list any target compensation for the role. Just saying…

    • Mike Krupit

      It kind of bothered me, so I clicked through to the TP job listings for most (if not all) of these, and when available, clicked through to the companies original job posting. So far, I haven’t seen a single salary. If the job is in the city, you can’t ask what they’re currently earning or any salary history. So how are they deciding to pay? Am guessing it’s meant to be subjective. (You can run with that thought in whichever political direction your beliefs take you.) I think we’re missing some transparency. BTW, I’ve had a ton of success recruiting on Angel List which requires posting salary for all jobs listings – which tells me that transparency does work. (P.S. I didn’t always believe this, but we’re in a new job market and I think it’s time.) Technically, how about requiring that job listings include a salary or salary range?

      • Cary Betagole

        Hey Mike, thank you for that feedback. We like the idea of adding some sort of required salary range field to these listings, to create transparency, and will circle back with our team. Thanks again


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