Ask Amazon's Scott Sikora about that #AWSOutage at this meetup - Philly


Mar. 3, 2017 8:28 am

Ask Amazon’s Scott Sikora about that #AWSOutage at this meetup

Amazon EC2 Director Scott Sikora is splashing down in Philly March 15.

Quorum at University City Science Center.

(Photo courtesy of Conrad Erb Photography)

The next Philly New Tech Meetup session is happening on March 15 at Quorum, featuring a guest from the West Coast: Amazon’s Director of EC2 Scott Sikora.

The timing is quite curious, as the event will happen just a couple of weeks after Amazon’s Web Services had an outage in its S3 product that had devs and geeks alike having a … bit of a day.

(Although it doesn’t appear as though Sikora is directly connected to the S3 operation, organizer Mike Krupit told us via email the group does not screen questions, so asking Sikora about the outage is fair game.)

“It’s not often that West Coast tech dignitaries come to Philly to talk nuts and bolts, so PNTM is excited to host Amazon this month to explore one of the mysteries of the clouds: how it appears infinitely scalable,” Krupit said.

Also, lookout for demos from Yellowdig’s Shantanu Sharma and Bustle’s Steve Faulkner.

The meetup group, which first launched in 2014 following a curious history, reaches a bit of a numeric milestone with its 35th session. What lies ahead for PTNM?

“PNTM is nearing completion of its third full year of programming,” said Krupit. “There’s so much content still to explore, and so much local talent to learn and celebrate. Our fourth year will step up its game with new types of events, a new platform, and a bolder brand.”

Philly New Technology Meetup #35 – Mar 2017 – Amazon & EC2 – Infinitely Elastic

Wednesday, Mar 15, 2017, 5:45 PM


Quorum at the Science Center
3711 Market Street, Floor 8 Philadelphia, PA

183 Technologists & Innovators Attending

Amazon in the house! Let’s give them a big round of support coming to Philly to talk AWS. Learn from and meet Scott Sikora, the Director of EC2 Capacity Lifecyle, about making the cloud appear infinitely elastic and instantly scalable. We’ll also have demos from two companies who have grown big using EC2.5:45 Networking and food 6:15 Welcome and…

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