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Feb. 15, 2017 12:55 pm

Student venture ThirdEye acquired by TheBlindGuide for undisclosed amount

No financial details from the transaction were disclosed. Founder Rajat Bhageria: “We perhaps weren’t the right team to scale [the company].”

ThirdEye's Google Glass app on display at a hackathon in 2014.

(Photo courtesy of Major League Hacking)

Seems like just yesterday that Penn wiz Rajat Bhageria was pitching his image recognition Google Glass app at a hackathon.

Now the 2o-year-old entrepreneur is stunting on TechCrunch, talking about how his startup ThirdEye was acquired for an undisclosed amount by TheBlindGuide, a South Carolina-based ecommerce site devoted to the visually impaired.

“The ThirdEye team [of four] will not be joining the company,” writes reporter John Mannes. “Instead, TheBlindGuide will hire visually impaired and disabled programmers — building tools for the impaired by the impaired.”

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On a detailed blog post on Forbes, Bhageria explained the decision behind selling the company’s technology.

“As time went on though we started to realize that while we might have been the right team to start this product, we perhaps weren’t the right team to scale it to all the visually impaired persons around the world,” the founder writes.

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