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Feb. 14, 2017 12:09 pm

This is your chance to ask questions about Philly’s smart-city readiness

Feb. 22 is the next session of the Philly IoT Meetup, featuring Ellen Hwang, the City's lead on smart cities.

Bring your smartest questions on smart cities.

(Photo by Roberto Torres)

Now that the City of Philadelphia nabbed some recognition from the Smart Cities Council, we have about a zillion questions: How soon can we see actual smart city features across Philadelphia? What will they look like? How can all citizens back that effort?

Lucky for us (and you), there’s a meetup sesh happening on Feb. 22 that focuses solely on what Philadelphia is doing in the field of smart city readiness.

The next session of the Philly IoT Meetup, happening at Bresslergroup, will feature Ellen Hwang, the city’s Program Manager for Innovation Management, in the Office of Innovation and Technology. Hwang is the program manager for the Smart City Initiatives.


“All cities are increasingly becoming more connected and Philly’s efforts in this area will impact the lives of all citizens in obvious and non-obvious ways,” said the meetup organizer Lenny Kravets.

Kravets said he hopes folks interested in smart cities will show up and ask questions.

Roberto Torres

Roberto Torres became Lead Philly Reporter in May 2016. Prior, he was a freelance contributor to and Al Dia News. The native Venezuelan moved to Philadelphia in 2015 after reporting on research at his alma mater, the University of Zulia. Whenever he's not fencing deadlines, he can be found standing in line at Overbrook Pizza in West Philly, running Netflix/Hulu marathons with his wife or reading news from Venezuela.


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