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Feb. 8, 2017 12:50 pm

Which companies had the best swag at NET/WORK Philly?

Freebies are good, but you'll have to consult our Snapchat Swag Report to see whose freebies were the finest.

NET/WORK attendees peruse the offerings of ProMetrics and Brio Solutions.

(Photo by Jeanette Lloyd)

Last night’s NET/WORK Philly jobs fair had a lot of people (nearly 700) and a lot of companies looking to hire (51, to be precise). As such, there was also a lot of swag — the heavily branded freebies meant to lure jobseekers onto new shores of gainful employment.

We here at Technical.ly are here for you, so we bravely took to the heavy seas of swag for the semi-regular, sneakily-popular Snapchat Swag Report. This reporter, full disclosure, is prominently featured.

The end of the video also includes the handing out of our first-ever, v prestigious NET/WORK Awards, the winners of which you can read about here.

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Zack Seward

Zack Seward is Editor-in-Chief of Technical.ly, the local technology news network. Previously, Seward was the Innovations Reporter at WHYY and NewsWorks.org in Philadelphia. Before that, he worked at WXXI in Rochester, N.Y., as a reporter and editor for a statewide public radio reporting project. Seward is an alumnus of Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism. He's originally from San Francisco and went to college in Chicago.

  • Noneya1

    Retards. Promotion and shooting in portrait mode is intolerable. Not worth my time to view. Wake up!

    • Zack Seward

      i’m the alarm clock here to tell you: this battle has long been lost

      • Noneya1

        Not a battle, I guess I expected more from what is promoted as being a technology publication. The question has to be asked, what level of quality do you want to produce or promote and what level does your target audience expect? Video of that quality is far past expiration.


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