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Jan. 3, 2017 8:34 am

Jumoke Dada is giving the keynote speech at this robotics competition

On Jan. 7, the cofounder of Project ALOE is headed for New York for the kickoff of FIRST's Robotics Competition.

Jumoke Dada.

(Courtesy photo)

If we know anything about the FIRST Robotics program, it is that it makes for some fun content.

But here’s something you didn’t know about its upcoming robotics competition, kicking off Saturday, Jan. 7 at Columbia University in New York: the keynote speaker will be Philly-based technologist Jumoke Dada.

“I’m excited because I grew up in New York,” Dada told Technical.ly. “I look forward to going back to speak to youth about decision-making and my career path in technology.”

Dada, founder of Project ALOE,  has spoken before about being a woman in tech and the perils of “hiring for culture.” Most recently, she had a chance to take her Techies Who Brunch meetup series across the pond to London.

Roberto Torres

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