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Aug. 24, 2016 9:25 am

This Philly meetup is hopping across the pond for a pop-up session in London

How a London-based women-in-tech group inspired Techies Who Brunch to hold its first-ever international meetup.

Jumoke Dada, Techies who Brunch organizer.

(Courtesy photo)

Techies Who Brunch organizer Jumoke Dada told a woman from Brussels she’d be in London in the fall.

“She recommended that I join a community of advocates for women in tech called Ada’s List,” Dada said. “I joined and was amazed by the energy and positivity of the group.”

That’s how the idea came about for a pop-up session of the Philly-based meetup group — founded in May 2016 — in jolly old England.

“Women began responding to my post, providing recommendations for ‘good’ brunch [places] and some said that they would love to join me,” Dada told in an email.

This marks the group’s first international session, which will be held on Sept. 25. The specific location is yet to be determined.


But Philly tech brunchers will also get their chance to talk tech over french toast and O.J.

On Sept. 10, the group will hold an App Demo brunch featuring Stephanie Humphrey, better known on the interwebs as Tech Life Steph.

Humphrey, currently the spokesperson for HP on the QVC Network, will speak on the uses of three productivity apps.

Roberto Torres

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