Vistar Media is throwing a party - Philly


Aug. 12, 2016 11:46 am

Vistar Media is throwing a party

Why? Because the adtech startup is looking to hire, and they have new digs.

Inside one of the private offices at Vistar Media’s 1420 Walnut St. space.

(Photo by Juliana Reyes)

It was only about a year ago that adtech company Vistar Media — headquartered in NYC — moved its Philly-based engineering team to a cool new space on the ninth floor of 1420 Walnut St., sriracha and desk-side bike parking included.

Well, for the past three weeks, the company has been breaking in its second Philly office on the sixth floor of the same building. All told, Vistar is now up to 18 Philly-based employees split between the two floors.

The goal for the coming six to eight months? Bringing that Philly headcount up to 25.

So why the second space and why now? Vistar is hoping to host some more networking events in the new digs, according to Vistar Internal Recruiter Diane Worthington. But it’s also because, up on the ninth floor, things were getting a bit crowded, with devs coding in the middle of hallways.

“We’re growing pretty quickly: last year we doubled in size and this year we are hoping to be at 60 employees total by the end of the year,” said Worthington.

To celebrate the new offices, Vistar is throwing a Summer Open House next Wednesday. (Just like they did last year.) They’re hoping the free beer and snacks will lure some engineers and developers out from their standing desks.

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“Stop by and hear how we’re modeling human behavior from cell tower pings, or how we do geospatial queries against billions of edges at high volume and in real time,” reads the event invite.

Our geek heart just skipped a beat.

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