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Jul. 25, 2016 12:18 pm

Here’s a 360-degree video of Philadelphia to welcome the DNC crowd

Lancaster, Pa.-based multimedia company Greenfish Labs packed an immersive look at Philly into four minutes.

A shot of Philly's skyline from the DNC welcome video.

(Screenshot via YouTube)

With 50,000 visitors coming, the Host Committee for the Democratic National Convention needed a millennial-y way to give out-of-towners a crash course in Philly.

And so it stumbled upon Lancaster, Pa.-based multimedia company Greenfish Labs and its 360° video antics, who put together an immersive look at all the Philly icons we’ve come to love.

The video kicks off at City Hall, with City Representative Sheila Hess guiding the viewer through a four-minute look at the city’s history, art, food and sports.

Here’s the video:

“VR has the power to become the dominant platform for creating unique customer experiences,” said Sovanna Mam, president and founder of Greenfish Labs. “It makes sense that Philadelphia, a pioneering city itself, would be an early adopter of this technology as a new way of experiencing the best of Philadelphia.”

The short was shot mainly with a Nokia Ozo camera, a cinema-grade VR device capable of capturing 360° environments in 3D video and 360° ambisonic sound. According to Greenfish Labs, it’s one of the first multimedia production houses to have access to the Ozo technology thanks to a “working relationship” with the Finnish company.

Roberto Torres

Roberto Torres became Lead Philly Reporter in May 2016. Prior, he was a freelance contributor to and Al Dia News. The native Venezuelan moved to Philadelphia in 2015 after reporting on research at his alma mater, the University of Zulia. Whenever he's not fencing deadlines, he can be found standing in line at Overbrook Pizza in West Philly, running Netflix/Hulu marathons with his wife or reading news from Venezuela.


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