Recruiting is broken and JaneHires has the AI to fix it - Philly


Recruiting is broken and JaneHires has the AI to fix it

The Old City-based company bills itself as a “hiring-as-a-service” platform that selects candidates with the help of machine learning.

JaneHires staff at Benjamin's Desk.

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Everett Reiss, COO and cofounder of JaneHires, started his professional life in recruiting. That’s how he knew the system was broken.

“I got to know the business pretty well,” Reiss said. “And I saw traditional recruiting services were expensive, unscalable and not delivering on their promise. It was more about getting bodies in the door than having a sustainable hiring process.”

In 2012, trying to develop a cheaper and faster solution, Reiss, 33, founded what today is JaneHires, flanked by his mother, Jane (for whom the platform is named) and father, Dave Reiss, both with decades of experience in the human resources space.

The company, which goes by just Jane on its site, uses a series of efficiency and automation tools to streamline hiring processes. One example is an artificial intelligence system that scores and ranks résumés against job descriptions to find ideal candidates.

“Jane is constantly learning what profiles of people are getting hired for certain positions, applying that information for the next case,” Reiss explained.

With seven full-time employees and a three-person advisory board, JaneHires bills itself as a “hiring-as-a-service” that offers an end-to-end solution for companies: from description of open positions to the hiring and rejection of candidates, including assistance with background checks and scheduling interviews.

The cofounder backs his statement up with numbers: “With our assistance, companies are finding people and hiring them in 21 to 30 days, when traditional hiring companies typically take 45 to 60 days.”

So how is the company planning to lure members of the tech scene? With most young Philly startups trying to find people with very specific sets of skills, Reiss says Jane can help trim the fat and offer quicker results.


“As a cofounder myself, I know growing a business can be incredibly challenging,” Reiss said. “Jane is here to save them a ton of time on that front and focus on what they actually do.”

Although the Reiss family hails from New York’s Hudson Valley, the company is working out of Benjamin’s Desk in Old City. How’d that happen?

During a visit to a friend in 2007, the New Yorker was enamored by the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood. By 2009, he was living in Old City and working out of Indy Hall.

“I was able to get a fair amount of direction from the relationships that came from those days at Indy Hall,” he said.

Also drawn by the cost effectiveness of Philly, the company moved its core operations to Benjamin’s Desk last May.

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