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May 20, 2016 9:08 am

The Workshop School and Little Baby’s teamed up for some space-related ice cream adventures

Sending ice cream to space from Delco? Believe it.

The experiment was chronicled in a five-minute docu-comedy.

(Screenshot via YouTube)

“Hello, my name is Donte Crawford from The Workshop School. … We’re going to be sending ice cream up to space in Delaware County.”

In this newscaster-like way, a young student from The Workshop School kicked off the “absurdist docu-comedy” in which a group of West Philly students partnered with Little Baby’s Ice Cream to send a pint of ice cream into space.

Let’s just pretend it made it.

At its highest mark, the delicious payload — attached to a large helium-filled balloon — reached 95,000 feet (twice as high as airplanes fly).

“Unfortunately on its descent the jet stream took it out to the ocean,” said Workshop School Principal Simon Hauger. “We tracked it all the way to Ocean City in hopes of recovering it, but our GPS had it landing about half a mile out in the ocean.”

The kids from the public West Philadelphia school, an alternative project-based public high school with a specialty in STEM programming, learned about physics, chemistry, GPS technology and even sustainable food packaging as they developed the project in the summer of 2015.

Read more about the project here.

Roberto Torres

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