Don't ask questions, just go experience PIFA 2016 - Philly


Apr. 18, 2016 12:03 pm

Don’t ask questions, just go experience PIFA 2016

The arts festival is magical. It ends with a huge street fair on Broad Street this Saturday.

"My Soul's Shadow" at the Barnes Foundation during PIFA 2016.

(Courtesy photo)

Dancers as astronauts, exploring the moon to the music of Philip Glass. A performance inspired by the poetry of Federico García Lorca, conducted entirely in shadows. That’s a taste of what this year’s Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts (PIFA) has brought to the city so far. We’ve been awed by what we’ve seen and highly recommend checking it out.

PIFA is now its third week and ends with a fair on Broad Street this Saturday, where they’re apparently going to have an enormous waterfall in the street.

You can also catch free performances of The Kinetic Tree, an art installation inside the Kimmel Center, every night this week and help build a clay forest inside the Kimmel Center.

Find a full calendar here
Juliana Reyes

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