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Mar. 30, 2016 9:11 am

Wharton prof Laura Huang is researching the American angel investor

There's not much known about the more than 200,000 angels in the country and Huang is working to change that.

Wharton professor Laura Huang.

(Courtesy photo)

When I started at Technical.ly almost four years ago, one of the things that then-editor Chris Wink told me was that I should find Philly’s angel investors.

They weren’t a well-known class of the local technology community, he said, whether by design or otherwise. (For what it’s worth, I’ve been doing all right but I could still do better. Yo, angel investors, call me.)

Well, apparently, that elusiveness it’s not just a Philadelphia phenomenon. That’s why Wharton professor Laura Huang is leading a study to better understand angel investors.

In partnership with the Angel Capital Association, Huang is conducting what she called the largest study of angel investors in the country. She hopes to create a profile of the angel, looking at age, gender, ethnicity and professional history.

Accredited investors can take the survey here.

“We believe this study will help identify characteristics of angel investors that have never before been understood,” said ACA executive director Marianne Hudson in a statement.

The ACA’s annual summit is coming to Philadelphia from May 9-11 this year.

Juliana Reyes

Juliana Reyes became Technical.ly's associate editor after reporting on the Philadelphia tech scene for four years. She's co-president of the Asian American Journalists Association Philadelphia chapter and a two-time Philadelphia News Award winner for "Community Reporting of the Year." The Bryn Mawr College grad lives in West Philly, likes her food spicy and wears jumpsuits often.

  • lindsaytabas

    I’m wondering how I can get in touch with Professor Huang? I worked for Gust, an online platform for angel investors, for a year and a half. There, I did almost 60 user research and usability testing interviews with angel investors across the country. I’d love to share my intel with her!

    • Zack Seward

      Hi. Editor here. She’s pretty active on twitter: @laurahuangLA. Also, here’s the info listed on her Wharton directory page:

      Email: HuangLa@wharton.upenn.edu
      Office: (215) 746-3124

      Sounds like you might be of help! Hope it works out.


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