This is the most-viewed Ignite Philly talk ever - Philly


This is the most-viewed Ignite Philly talk ever

Mike Quackenbush on why pro wrestling is “the most fascinating and wonderful kind of performance art you could ever hope to experience.” It got nearly 20,000 views in two weeks.

Mike Quackenbush: "I'm passionate about professional wrestling!"

(Photo by Kevin Monko)

Allow Mike Quackenbush to explain the beauty of professional wrestling.

The former professional wrestler took the stage at Ignite Philly 16 last month and the video of his talk has since taken off, garnering more than 19,000 views in just two weeks. (Reddit helped.) It’s the most-viewed Ignite Philly talk ever on the event’s Youtube channel. (Pam Selle’s Ignite Philly 9 talk about “going the fuck home after work,” which Selle uploaded on her personal channel, actually trumps it by far, with more than 178,000 views.)

For the record, we gave him the award for “Best Takedown of a Single Adjective”:

In his stunning defense of “performance art masqueraded as competitive sport,” Mike Quackenbush spoke of the hurt he feels when someone writes off the “risk, sacrifice, and art” of professional wrestling as “fake.” He left the crowd (and this reporter) in genuine disbelief that they’d spent their entire lives misunderstanding the spectacle of wrestling.

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