Here's who won the 2015 #PHLGeekAwards - Philly


Aug. 17, 2015 7:59 am

Here’s who won the 2015 #PHLGeekAwards

Also announced at the Saturday gala: a new, $2,000 grant fund to “help advance a geeky mission or two.”

This year's hardware.

(Photo by Bastiaan Slabbers/for NewsWorks)

After five years honoring the city’s best and brightest, the Philadelphia Geek Awards announced Saturday night at its 2015 ceremony the launch of a $2,000 “Geek Grant” fund to go towards a local individual or organization.

The announcement was made by Geek Awards founder Eric Smith near the end of an energetic ceremony featuring opera-singing presenters, Spider-Man cufflinks, magic tricks and a steady clip of awkward, funny acceptance speeches.

Smith told that the grant was possible because the volunteer-run organization ran a surplus this year. The City of Philadelphia’s Office of Arts, Culture & Creative Economy is also providing half of the funding.

Apply for a PHL Geek Grant

See the full list of 2015 winners below:

Find more coverage at NewsWorks.


Alex Vuocolo

Alex Vuocolo is a freelance writer, founding editor of SPOKE Magazine and reporter for

  • Chris Alfano

    Please be really cautious with offering grants on the order of only $2k to support a sector — if too many people apply for it, if people spend too much time applying for it, if people apply for it for projects that are unlikely to be awarded — you could EASILY suck more than $2,000 worth of value out of the community having people compete for the grant. For that much money the application process shouldn’t be more than a few minutes of applicant’s time.

    • Hi Chris, did you look at the grant application? It’s two questions and a request for contact information.

      • Chris Alfano

        Thanks for following up Allie

        Yeah this application looks good which is pretty refreshing, I was half speaking generally about microgrants. In this case more information about the selection criteria and a public display of the submitted ideas would go a long way though to ensuring there’s a net gain for the community.


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