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May 19, 2015 8:45 pm

Get your Philly election results from

It's a collaborative project from city employees and a local civic hacker.

We hope you voted.

(Photo by Flickr user Theresa Thompson, used under a Creative Commons license)

Today is Primary Election Day and the polls are now closed.

If you want your results in a slightly cleaner format than the official City Commissioners website, then peep the collaboratively built


City of Philadelphia Chief Data Officer Tim Wisniewski started hacking it but in the spirit of the Code for Philly group, Jarvus Innovations developer Kevin Clough and City of Philadelphia data scientist Lauren Ancona have added on. Clough wrote the scraper, Wisniewski built the actual web page that auto-refreshes and Ancona styled the site.

“It’s scraping every minute and auto-refreshing on the mobile-friendly web page,” said Wisniewski.

Here’s what local civic hacking looks like: advancements in government data-sharing in recent years got the information out, and a collaboration between city technologists and civic-minded outsiders make it far friendlier to the casual user. It’s a small project that was done quickly but might become something more.

Christopher Wink

Christopher Wink is a cofounder and Editorial Director of, the local technology news network. In that capacity, he is a co-organizer of Philly Tech Week, Baltimore Innovation Week, Delaware Innovation Week and other events that bring smart people together. Previously, Wink worked for a homeless advocacy nonprofit and was a freelance reporter for a variety of publications. He writes regularly about news innovation and best business practices on his personal blog here and curates a personal monthly newsletter of ideas and links here. The bicycle commuter loves cities, urban politics and squabbling about neighborhood boundaries.

  • Chris Alfano

    The big “Visit Link” button jumps back to this article

    • Juliana Reyes

      Fixed! Thanks.

  • EdwardTwo

    A hearty congrats to Tim, Lauren and Kevin on this one. No disrespect to the Board of Election site, but this is far easier to review and navigate. Further, it’s thorough. Most of the reporting I’ve assessed thus far is certainly accurate, but only as far as it goes. If you’re talking about, say, the City Council At-Large races and your reporting ends with, say, the winners, well, that’s only a third of the story and leaves out a huge piece. Consistent with its intention, this is a great public service here.


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