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Jon Gosier’s new card game shows you what it’s like to be a startup investor

It's called Venture Valley and Gosier's raising $7,500 on Kickstarter to launch it.

Venture Valley is a card game where you play as an early-stage investor.

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Since Jon Gosier launched his own early-stage investment fund last fall, he’s noticed that investing is a lot like a high-stakes game.

So why not make one?

Venture Valley is Gosier’s newest project. It’s a card game that puts you in an investor’s shoes. Gosier, who runs a company called D8A, described it as poker, Monopoly and Magic the Gathering all rolled into one.

He’s raising $7,500 to launch the game.

Support by June 7

Here’s Gosier’s rundown of the game, via email:

In Venture Valley players choose from companies they want to invest in and make investments using chips — similar to the ones used in poker. The goal of the game is to build the strongest portfolio of companies that earn the most money. There’s a lot of strategy involved, but there’s also a lot of chance and unpredictability which mirrors what its like in real-world investing.

The game is in line with Gosier’s philosophy of making the investment world more accessible, a driving force behind his fund Third Cohort, which has invested in three startups so far.

His company D8A is also pivoting from a data analytics company to a creative design agency, he told us.

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