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Listen to Alex Hillman’s podcast on coworking

It's another way for Hillman, thought of as a coworking guru, to reach the audience he's built.

Alex Hillman with his podcasting gear inside Indy Hall, Fall 2014.

(Photo by Juliana Reyes)

Yeah, Alex Hillman will admit it: It was Joe Rogan who inspired him to start his own podcast.

Even if the TV host and comedian is kind of a “deplorable” character, as Hillman put it, Rogan’s podcast had this great quality of feeling like listening in on a dinner conversation. You got a look into how other people saw the world.

So Hillman, who runs Old City coworking space Indy Hall, decided to emulate that with the topic he knows best: how to build communities.

In the last month, Hillman produced six episodes. The podcast made iTunes’ top 10 list in the business category.

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The first episode of “Coworking Weekly,” named for his popular email newsletter, is a conversation between Hillman and Adam Teterus, Indy Hall’s community manager, about what Teterus’s role entails. Other episodes answer questions like, how do you get members for your coworking space? What does effective teamwork look like?

The podcast is another way for Hillman, thought of as a coworking guru in certain circles around the world, to reach the audience he’s been building through his newsletter, writing and master classes. He hopes that people outside the coworking world take note, too, because, he said, these lessons are translatable. They’re about building a team, about scaling culture. Those aren’t just coworking values, he said, they’re business values.

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